Monday, December 08, 2008

Getting In The Spirit In plezWorld

i brushed the cobwebs and wayward spiders off of the four large bags and large box that contains the family christmas trees early this morning. there is one 9 foot pre-lit tree for the living room and one hulking 12 foot pre-lit tree that goes in the family room.

each tree takes a foot stool and about an hour to assemble. my wife and daughter will do the ornaments, bows, and glitter.

i like to throw on some festive soul christmas music to sing along with so the task doesn't become a chore.

then there is garland for the banisters and the fireplaces along with our christmas stockings over the fireplace. and the large wreaths with red bows that flap in the wind on the front doors.

a large cup of hot chocolate with some mini marshmallows never hurt.

okay... plezWorld is getting in The Spirit!


Regina said...

A nine foot and a 12 foot tree?!?! Woooo!

plez... said...

well, there's a 20 foot ceiling in the family room, so we kind of need a BIG A** tree in there! but putting the angel on top always gives me fits.

vcthree said...

Speaking of soulful Christmas music...

When I hear The Whispers singing Christmas tunes...I'm in.