Monday, December 29, 2008

Gov. Sarah Palin is a Grandmother at 44

It took fours months to work its way out, but it was announced earlier today that Bristol Palin - 18 year old daughter of former Republican vice president nominee and governor of Alaska Sarah Palin - gave birth to a little boy. Keeping with the Palin naming convention, they named him Tripp. If you recall, his young uncle's name is Trig and he has another uncle named Track.

Back in September 2008, the blogosphere was abuzz with rumors that the governor's infant was in fact the son of her then 17 year old daughter, Bristol, but soon after the rumors surfaced, the Palin camp announced that her daughter was already 5 months pregnant!

plezWorld entered the fray spending countless hours in a cramped basement office in the middle of the night trying to ferret out the truth of the Palin pregnancies: here and here.

Bristol Palin and Levi Johnston (reportedly the baby's father) are both 18 years of age, neither has graduated from high school - Levi has dropped out of school to become an electrician and Bristol is taking GED classes for her diploma. Bristol's mother is the 44 year old governor of Alaska. Levi's mother is 42 years old and was recently arrested on felony drug charges.

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plez sez: the soap opera of the wasilla hillbillies is winding to a close. i can't see how plezWorld can wring another story out of these characters... maybe it's best we just leave them in peace (if they promise to quietly live out the rest of their miserable lives in the relative obscurity of the great white north).

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