Saturday, April 11, 2009

Alittle NBA Update in plezWorld

I've long since hung up the high-top sneakers and b'ball shorts, I rarely follow the local Atlanta Hawks because they've been mired in less-than-stellar achievement for the better part of 20 years, and college basketball is so much more exciting than the NBA, but...

...there comes a point in every season, where even plezWorld has to return to his sports roots and turn his attention to the NBA!

Actually, this has been a very good season for the home team: the Hawks are solid at the 4th seed in the East. They haven't finished the season this high since...?!? Last year they barely made it to the playoffs and took the top seeded Boston Celtics to seven games in the opening round. This year, they're looking to do some damage come playoff time.

The Beast of the East is LeBron James along with his Cleveland Cavaliers. Tonight they secured the top spot in the East by besting the 76ers in Philly. Following closely behind Cleveland is Boston and Orlando. This year, the East Playoffs will attempt to match the intensity and competition that has ruled the West for the past 10 years.

If the playoffs began tomorrow, the Cavs would be hosting the fading Pistons, (2) Boston Celtics would be playing the Bulls, the (3) Magic would host the 76ers, and the (4) Atlanta Hawks, yeah, the Hawks! would be matched up with the Heat... very interesting. To be honest, I can't see the Cavs not going to the NBA Finals this year.

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Out West, there's the Kobe Bryant-led Lakers with an insurmountable 10 game lead on the second place Denver Nuggets. Bryant hasn't sniffed a ring since Shaq left LA, I'm sure he is gearing up to will his team to the NBA Finals again this year.

The top tier of the West is really tight with all remaining seven teams within a game or two of each other. So after the (1) Lakers vs. (7) Jazz, they you have (2) Denver vs. (7) Dallas, (3) San Antonio vs. (6) New Orleans Hornets, and Houston against Portland (who currently has the same record).

There's no way we won't be seeing a Lakers-Cavs finals this year.

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plez sez: I'll take the Cavs in six!

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