Sunday, April 05, 2009

Open Thread for Sunday Morning in plezWorld X

plezWorld has been on Twitter the better part of the last few days... amazing technology and concept. Alittle over 48 hours after joining, I have almost 150 followers and I'm following over 220 other Twitterers... and posted 22 tweets.

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The Commodores sang, "That's why I'm easy... easy like Sunday morning."

Write what you'd like, because plezWorld will be taking it easy on Sunday... enjoy the remainder of your weekend.

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Kim said...

Today,April 5th is Go For Broke Day.
Today is the day to take a chance on something. Anything! Most of us like to play things safe afraid we will mess up or lose, so today is the day to forget about that and Go For Broke!

It's also Palm Sunday..Hosanna!!