Friday, May 09, 2008

50-50 in Superdelegates

The New York Times is reporting that with the defection of three superdelegates to Barack Obama on today, he has pulled even to Hillary Clinton in the superdelegate count (263 each). Until this point, Clinton has pointed to the superdelegate count as the one metric that she led for the Democratic nomination.

Read the entire New York Times article on superdelegate counts here.

plez sez: at this point, clinton is either jockeying for the VP position or just wants a prominent position at the Democratic convention. with primaries left in only six states, she won't even be able to boast a lead in the popular vote (not that it matters) without throwing in the bogus numbers from michigan and florida primaries which don't count!

but hold your hats, ladies and gents, with those michigan and florida delegates still in flux, one can never know what tricks ol' Billary may have up their collective sleeves come time for the convention.

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