Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Hillary Clinton Wins Big in West Virginia

plezWorld Supports Barack Obama!In today's primary in West Virginia, Hillary Clinton trounced Barack Obama by a near two-to-one margin! She used her big win to make her case that she has a better chance of beating the Republicans in the general election.

Unfortunately, Obama's delegate lead appears to insurmountable and it is doubtful that she will be able to catch him even if she wins the remaining primaries (which is unlikely). West Virginia had just 28 delegates at stake, and those will be awarded proportionately, so this win will not cut into his lead by much.

But she will celebrate the win anyway.

plez sez: ok, hillary, take a victory lap. a month ago, these paltry delegate-weak states didn't matter to her... now they are the mother's milk to her waning nomination bid. superdelegates are falling over themselves to endorse Barack Obama, who took the superdelegate lead over the weekend.

at this point, she is running for a spot in Obama's administration... is her case compelling enough for a nod as his vice president? or is there too much baggage for her to carry to blair house? would bill behave back in washington?

i'd hate to be in Obama's shoes right now, because what to do with hillary clinton will be the biggest decision of his candidacy. it may even determine if he will win his bid to win the big seat in the white house!


Truthiz said...

Greetings Plez!

I've been reading your blog for quite some time but I believe this is my first time posting a response(?)

The truthiz, I think Barack's decision to basically "blow-off" West Virginia,__thus doing further damage to his image among LESS educated, low-to-middle income, working class White people,__was a very BAD decision!

...and I would add, it was predictably so!

IMO, Obama showed, yet again, that whenever he feels that the pressure is off, he tends to become complacent, drops his guard, looses his focus, takes the nomination for granted and falls back on poor judgment.

In other words_he's still got some Major growing to do!

Meanwhile, Hillary's HUGE win allows her to capitalize, AGAIN, on his "weakness" and argue that she is the strongest candidate to put up against George W. McCain_ which I think bolsters her chances of being offered the VP spot on Obama's ticket.

Personally, I'd like to see Obama offer the VP spot to Chuck Hagel or Jim Webb.

But Hillary IS a fighter!

plez... said...

i would've preferred that he run a vigorous national campaign and not skip any contests, but i think his campaign considered the COST (campaigning in a rural working class majority white community that offered few inroads) exceeded the BENEFIT (he was not going to move the needle into his favor by much no matter how much time was spent there) in this case.

and i believe there was also a safety issue at play... i'm certain that he was hesitant to risk the safety of his campaign workers in an area that may've been deemed unsafe, after the reports of racist reactions in north carolina and indiana.

Francis Holland said...

I'd love to hear the private conversations about when Hillary's campaign will call it quits.

plez... said...

something tells me those conversations are held out of earshot of hillary and bill... i think those two still think that she has a good chance of pulling off the democratic nomination!