Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mother's Day 2008

Picture courtesy of my Palm Treo 680

This makes Mother's Day number seven in plezWorld and it is becoming increasingly difficult to find a suitable gift for plezWife. Thankfully, the SugarPlum, the reason for the season, has become an invaluable resource in helping me ferret out the perfect gift for her mom. Last year was a cute Gucci purse... this year, she hipped me to the latest wishlist item: a Blackberry!

Since plezWife is the ROCK upon which the SugarPlum and I stand, it is only fitting that we honor her on an annual basis with something that is truly fitting our Queen. This year's marvel is one of those cold-blooded Blackberry Curves that you see on television... it is red, sleek, has all the latest bells & whistles (except a video camera), and it was just what she wanted!

Happy Mother's Day to all the MOTHERS out there in plezWorld, and especially to plezWife!

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