Friday, May 16, 2008

Barack Obama's Macaca Moment?

While engaged in a choreographed tour of a Detroit auto plant and getting barraged with questions from a pesky female reporter, Sen. Barack Obama said, "Hold on a second, Sweetie..."

Huh? Say what? plezWorld is aghast and appalled that our next president would be so flippant with a pain-in-the-ass reporter. HA HA HA!

Come on, get a life! Some have wrongly compared this utterance to Sen. George Allen's "macaca moment" that sank his re-election bid two years ago (here, here, and here). Although, glib and a bit condescending, what Obama's words lack are the racist and xenophobic venom that dripped from Allen's lips.

Obama shouldn't make it a habit to go around brushing off reporters and common folk, I think we get enough that from our current president. But this incident goes nowhere near the gold standard of inappropriate language that sunk George Allen's ship!

And it is important to note that Obama did call the WXYZ reporter and apologized on her voicemail:
"Hi Peggy. This is Barack Obama. I'm calling to apologize on two fronts. One was you didn't get your question answered and I apologize. I thought that we had set up interviews with all the local stations. I guess we got it with your station but you weren't the reporter that got the interview. And so, I broke my word. I apologize for that and I will make up for it. Second apology is for using the word 'sweetie.' That's a bad habit of mine. I do it sometimes with all kinds of people. I mean no disrespect and I am duly chastened on that front. Feel free to call me back. I expect that my press team will be happy to try to make it up to you whenever we are in Detroit next."

plez sez: you gotta love us politics!

i read a comment where it was stated that this is the same as hillary clinton saying, "hold on there, boy" to a Black reporter! hmmmm, i think not!

i guess i would be genuinely concerned if the reporter had been a man! *smile*


Torrance Stephens bka All-Mi-T said...

man they trying to him him up each ay possible

Francis L. Holland Blog said...

Oh, well, I guess he shouldn't have said that, and I should not have called Hillary "Mrs. Clinton" instead of "Senator Clinton" on that "Concede Now, Hillary!" petition.

It'll all work itself out.

msladydeborah said...

When I first saw the report on this~it wasn't a biggie. Not when there is documentation that Flipper McMadness has called his wife by the "C" word in public.

Obama is not perfect. So when he has those less than perfect moments~it is the media who tried to make a political Frankenstein out of it.

He could of called her something far less flattering or nasty. And he apologized.

That is the end of it in my mind.

Lola Gets said...

I think Obama should start calling everybody "sweetie", then he wouldnt be singling anybody out, lol.