Friday, May 23, 2008

John McCain's Spiritual Guide

If you ever thought that aligning oneself with Rev. Jeremiah Wright was a bad political move, check out who Republican presidential nominee Sen. John McCain describes as his "spiritual guide", a pastor by the name of Rod Parsley. He hates Islam and speaks of the beginning of a Holy War with the religion.

Check out Rev. Rod Parsley of Ohio:

...have you seen these clips repeated over and over on the nightly news, lately?

A few Rod Parsley quotes:
"Islam is an anti-Christ religion..."
"America was founded - in part - with the intention of seeing this false religion destroyed."
"Muhammad received revelations from demon spirits, not from the living God."
"When it comes to Islam, the greatest religious enemy of our civilization in the world, it's dangerous."

Read more about John McCain's spiritual guide in Mother Jones.

plez sez: hmmmm... i wonder how many times this wack-job's comments will get looped on fox news network?!?

ole johnny came out today to reject the endorsement of rev. john hagee after he said that hitler was sent by god to hasten the jews return to israel. mind you, this was an endorsement that sen. mccain had sought out to shore up the religious right vote. and in an obvious swipe at Barack Obama, mccain says that at least he didn't attend hagee's church for the past 20 years! soon there after, rev. hagee rescinded his endorsement of mccain... some would call that a draw!

now, it appears that sen. mccain enjoys being in the company of religious zealots! this rod parsley guy is an unabashed islam basher! and some of his comments rank up there as ridiculous: i'd like to see one instance where the framers of the constitution even mention islam during the founding of the united states.

plezWorld is of the opinion that mccain will repudiate this guy in a few days. he should do it over the memorial day weekend... that tends to be a slow news period!


All-Mi-T [Thought Crime] Rawdawgbuffalo said...

good look, i thought his was gwb lol

Constructive Feedback said...


As a Christian minister do you expect him to profess his belief in Prophet Muhammad?

Just think - in our community we have a challenge with Christian ministers who profess that they are advancing the word of Christ while they have a single mother who has had 3 children over the past 5 years while he never said a word about the fact that she is not married to her as part of spiritual guidance and the best interests of her children and ultimately the best interests of the Black community by having a spiritually guided father at home with his children.

Let's turn this from a game of "Gotcha" into something more materially meaningful. Indeed this man is not politically correct and has no doubt inserted his opinions into some of these statements that you have listed. At the same time he, like most other Christians, Muslim and Jews believes that the other two of the 3 in the list are practicing false religious doctrine.

Would you rather have him say "We need to form one world religion because my God who told me that the only way for salvation that Jesus Christ is my personal savior but Jesus' name was mistranslated - it was really Muhammad"?

Did he call for all Muslims to be put to DEATH?

Did he say that Muslims should be banished from the United States?

I wonder if in YOUR open mindedness that you will to have the same growth in Middle Eastern Muslims into your particular country in which they predicted that "Sharia law will be the law of France in our lifetime"?

plez... said...

cs, you wrote: "As a Christian minister do you expect him to profess his belief in Prophet Muhammad?"

plez sez: no, i do not. but as a christian minister, i don't expect him to disparage another religion or that religion's founder.

most "men of the cloth" have something called RESPECT for other religions. i don't expect him to embrace or practice the teachings of muslims, but i ask you, should he be making a call for a Holy War to eradicate the religion from the face of the earth?

should he be making up falsehoods about the founding of this nation: "America was founded - in part - with the intention of seeing this false religion destroyed."?

CS... you're reply is foolish and belies your intelligence. try again, my friend!