Sunday, July 27, 2008

Obama's World Tour - SUCCESS

Sen. Barack Obama concluded his world tour with an obligatory stop in Great Britain. Although, there were no public appearances (save a short stroll to the park), he did meet with Prime Minister Gordon Brown, former British Prime Minister Tony Blair, and opposition leader David Cameron. Whether in small intimate gatherings or with thousands of adoring fans, Obama held his European charges attention with his fresh approach to American diplomacy.

Just yesterday, plezWorld read a comment to a news story after his trip to Berlin:
Dear America,

Elect this man as your president.

The Rest of the World
The trip to Britain was the capstone on a whirlwind week of activities that had Obama in the Middle East (Kuwait, Jordan, Iraq, Afghanistan, and Israel) and Europe (Germany, France, and Britain). By most accounts, Obama's trip was a major success in building his foreign policy credentials and beginning to repair the United States's tattered reputation abroad.

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plez sez: sen. john mccain has been crying in his prune juice every day that Obama is overseas, getting the royal treatment from world leaders. his latest ploy is to try (in vain) to portray the Obama trip as "ignoring" the issues affecting the american people. it's funny that he comes to that conclusion, since this very trip was what he so strongly urged for Obama (since he was so wet-behind-the-ears in foreign affairs). i guess now, he regrets that suggestion!

a few months ago, i had resigned myself to the specter of four more years of a republican in the white house (i predicted mitt romney would best hillary clinton in november). now, i'll be supremely disappointed if the voting public for the third straight presidential election cycle elects (or selects) an inferior candidate in john mccain! our economy will suffer under mccain. our relations with our allies will continue to suffer under mccain. our soldiers will remain in iraq under mccain. al-qaeda will maintain their stronghold in afghanistan under mccain. there is NO upside to electing that old man to the white house... and the world community will not forgive us for that!

in a related story, the reports that after Obama and his entourage left the Western Wall in Jerusalem, an orthodox seminary student went to the Wall, fished out Obama's personal note and delivered it to Maariv newspaper, which quickly printed the senator's prayer. this is considered an outrage in Judaism!

since the prayer has been published in Israel, plezWorld will re-print his prayer as written on hotel stationary:
Lord, protect my family and me. Forgive me my sins and help me guard against pride and despair. Give me the wisdom to do what is right and just. And make me an instrument of your will.

plezWorld Supports Barack Obama


Francis L. Holland Blog said...

Unfortunately, the United States often elects the candidate and pursues political and military strategies precisely because the rest of the world finds them abhorrent. Look at the election, twice, of both Ronald Reagan and George W. Bushwhack.

On another topic, thanks for visiting my blog, but that's really callous toward a Black man in trouble, what you commented at my blog, Plez. You must be kidding in a graveyard humor sort of way or you wouldn't have taken the time to express an opinion about it.

Admit it. This situation moves you. Otherwise, the better alternative would have just been to shoot the suicidal man and put him of his misery ( and do the same thing with all suicidal jumper situations), both because it would save on charity care at the hospital and it would serve as a deterrent for other people intending to pretend(?)/experiment to want to commit suicide on overpasses.

If society wanted to be as blithely callous as you suggest, the policy would simply be to shoot suicidal people on sight. Again, that would save society a lot of money because tasers and taser charges are very exensive, while bullets are very cheap.

Let me see? Are you saying that if a blonde white woman is threatening to jump off a bridge, then the police should electrocute her so that she'll fall on the highway (or into the rushing river) below? Don't you think that would cause outrage?

I say, just treat me like you would treat a bear or a moose. There's no way the police would have tased a bear or a moose and caused him to fall onto an expressway. If they did, THEN there would be an immediate national outrage and they would all immediately be fired.

The police CERTAINLY wouldn't tase a dog and cause him to fall 5 feet. Maybe our slogan should be, "PLEASE treat me like a dog, because the way you treat Black people is MUCH worse." Have you ever heard of police tasing dog or a 600-pound bear? Do police tase cats to get them out of trees?

Here's another question: Who would have been the more appropriate responder in this situation? The police, a psychiatric emergency team, or the fire department. At least the fire department would have deployed a net before the knocked this guy fifteen feet onto his head.

But, since all of us are confident that we will never have a suicidal or otherwise ill family member or be suicidal ourselves, we can afford to be flippant about situations like this.

plez... said...


at least you had enough respect not to curse me on my own blog... you reserve that right on your blog! i responded to the taser incident that is on your blog, on your blog... i'll respond to my topics here. thanks.