Thursday, July 24, 2008

Sick Day in plezWorld - GI Edition

feel like *ish* ... my stomach has been in knots since lunch. dinner was a can of ginger ale.

temporary relief came in the form of "the pink stuff!" and occasional "runs" to the toilet... yuck!

and there were so many things i wanted to blog about:

  • a plezWorld reaction to tonight's CNN Presents: Black in America [show info here]

  • Obama in the Middle East [story here and here]
    asia, africa, tokyo, mexico... we went to the places people told us not to go! - Malcolm McLaren and the World Famous Supreme Team (1983)

  • Hello Dolly! (the big wind lands in texas) [story here]

  • LA Gov Jindal will not be McCain's Veep [story here]
    no liberal bias around here!

  • Josh Childress of the Atlanta Hawks flying away to Greece [story here]
    the best sixth man in the NBA spurns the Hawks free agent offer so he can play in Europe!

  • A girl fight in the WBNA [story here]
    it's not that serious!

  • George Bush losing his grip on reality [story here and video here]
    nothing new here!

  • i wonder if i'm sick because i didn't boil my water? [story here]
    i live in DeKalb County, but not in an advisory zip code

    well, there's always tomorrow...

    All-Mi-T [Thought Crime] Rawdawgbuffalo said...

    hey folk
    there is a funny virus going around
    take care as long as it aint attacking your brain im good scholar

    and peep this

    "work hard and don’t complain"

    Fergie said...

    Feel better soon! I so wanted to read your thoughts on the Black in America special. My husband had such a strong reaction to it, I can't wait to hear your perspective.

    tvanel said...

    Get well PHI!..

    Keith said...

    What's Up Nupe...Thanks for visiting my blog..I will most definitely make you a link on my blog. I was made at Penn State, Delta Theta Chapter ,Spring 1980.
    I went on to help charter Kappa -Omega Chapter at Shippensburg in 1981. I have another blog that I just started called "Escapades"
    (It's just for Poetry and Fiction)
    There is a link to it on Keith's Space. So good to meet another brother..Thanks Again.

    plez... said...

    hey there... i'm feeling marginally better (but then again, i haven't had any solid food since yesterday at lunch - a peanut butter & jelly sandwich).

    torrance: i checked out your blog... good stuff! i think we're related.

    fergie: i'll definitely watch the Black Men segment tonite on CNN and maybe post a reaction later tonite or tomorrow.

    tvanel: thanks for dropping by NUPE!

    keith: YO NUPE! thanks for stopping by... i hope you'll become a regular around here.