Monday, July 07, 2008

What Happened to James Broadnax's Village?

The following video shows a 19-year old cold-blooded killer by the name of James Broadnax describe how he killed two Dallas area men. It is a chilling first person account of what has gone desperately wrong in too many Black communities all over this country.

James Broadnax Confesses To Murder

The story as reported on
Cousins James Broadnax and Demarius Dwight Cummings, both 19, face capital murder charges in the deaths of singer Matthew Butler, a father of two, and Stephen Swan, his employee, outside Butler's Christian recording studio, Zion Gate Records in Garland, Texas.

Broadnax and Cummings, speaking to from the Dallas County Jail, told the station of their plans to rob somebody the night of June 18. They traveled by train from Dallas to the suburb of Garland because "that's where all the rich white folks stay at," Broadnax said.

After the men were shot, Cummings said he took car keys and a wallet from Swan, but the wallet contained only $2. Authorities caught up with Broadnax and Cummings on June 20 in Texarkana in one of the victims' vehicles.
Read the entire article about Broadnax murders here.

plez sez: perhaps one of the most horrific interviews that i've ever seen. it was difficult to watch such a young man with absolutely NOTHING to live for. it is quite possible that no one ever told him that they loved him, never gave him a hug, never congratulated him for a job well done.

there is nothing the government can do. this is a failure of the Black community to nurture and properly raise its young. it takes a village to raise a child. what happened to this boy's village?!?

broadnax asked for the death penalty, "i ain't got 'nothing to live for... i don't know why i was born!"


DJ Black Adam said...

Or could it be that Broadnax is a sociopath? maybe Cummings might be guilty of stupidity and going along, but Broadnax doesn't seem like a brother who made a mistake, he seems like a garden variety sociopath.

Dkelsmith said...

This is ridiculous. I think we do ourselves when we start talking about the failure of the black community in regard to this. I would be willing to bet that there is some kind of sociological or psychological label for guys like this, and I am not talking about any sort of psychosis or pathology. What I am talking about is the fact that this fool talking about, "My life is hell, young black man, growing up hard, the hood done took me under.", is nothing but a bunch of contrived rhetoric. Everything that was in this video was something that you could find in one of these mindless gangsta rap songs. His belief that he was "destined for nothing" because he is black and may or may not have grown up in the projects, is not unlike the belief of these white kids who hang upside down in closets and call themselves vampires. Do you remember back in the day when some of these "role-playing" kids claimed to be witches and vampires and went out and committed some horrible crimes? I think this is the same thing. I would challenge this 19 year old to qualify why his life has been SOOOOOO horrible that he has nothing to live for. I believe the reason for his tears at the end is the realization that, "Dang, now I am not just talking about life is really over now....not because I was born black, but because I did something stupid."

Theresa said...

He's a gang member...plain and simple!! A manipulative, evil person with no regard for life...except for his. He wants to live believe me. I welcome you to attend the rest of the trial as his attorney tells us all the reasons why he wants and deserves to live. Please, spare us all....he brutally murdered my son and his friend because they had stuff that he wanted and he was just too damn lazy to get a job!!! Thousands of young men have grown up just like him, in the same government apartments where he was raised, and they didn't become cold blooded killers. He made a conscious decision to join a gang and to live the lifestyle of that gang....plain and simple.

E Diddy said...

Wow, that was eye opening. Thanks go to plez for posting this. That dude is one mean, MTV watching, video game playing, pot smoking, waste of space bastard. Anyone else notice the tears well up in his eyes toward the end of the interview?

I hope he thinks of what he did for the rest of his miserable life. While I disagree with plez when he says that tired 'it takes a village' line, kudos to you for bringing things like this to the light. It does not take a village, it takes a paternal and maternal family to raise children.

I'm white, I was raised by my mother and grandparents, never met my father, lived on food stamps and government cheese when I was a kid, lived in a white trash subsidized apartment complex, wore clothes from the thrift store, and had a hard life at home and school.

I failed 2nd grade once, 4th grade once, 6th grade 3 times, then dropped out after I turned 16. I think the last official grade I made it to was the 7th. I was sent to an alternative school until I was old enough to drop out completely.

I started hanging out with other scum bags, smoking pot, drinking, sex, you name it when I was about 12 years old. I have 3 children by two different women, and I have never been married. Two of the children were conceived shortly after I dropped out of school.

I did some soft time in jail on several occasions for minor traffic stuff, drunkenness or whatever until my late 20's. So, what is the point that I'm trying to make here? I could have been just like this guy. My mother always worked 40+ hours a week and wasn't able to watch over me.

Yes, we were on food stamps, but it wasn't because she didn't work. She wasn't able to control a young angry man and lead me on the correct path that I needed to be on. The school systems could care less what happens to you, and the court systems even less than that.

Without a family unit, you're screwed. The blame for the things I've done fall squarely on my own shoulders, but I also blame my worthless POS father that was never there to put me on the right path. A boy needs a father.

I also blame the mothers for not having enough self respect to keep their legs closed long enough to decide if a man is worth marrying or not. Kids like Broadnax usually come out of the end of a whiskey bottle late some night, and a man has no respect for a woman that can't keep her business together without getting pregnant.

That's why they leave. The victim is the baby, which in turn will become the victimizer. This will never change until women have respect for their bodies, and men have respect for their actions.

bnax said...

Regardless of what happen to him as a child he is now a grown man and is responible for his actions, end of story! It's sad that Mr James Broadnax thought it was acceptible to take a Life for a cigarette, but he will soon know the law both Ceasar's and The Lord's law does not go unpunished. Justice is the reward or punishment for you actions. My Brother you have to pay for what you did. I Pray you ask the Lord for forgiveness he is the only one that can help you now.