Monday, August 25, 2008

2008 Atlanta Classic - FAMU vs. TSU

BLOG UPDATE: 09/27/2008 11:44 PM - The FAMU Rattlers have won their seventh straight Atlanta Classic, by defeating the TSU Tigers by a score of 28-21... and the afterparty was OFF DA CHAIN! Read the live blog of the game here.

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The 2008 installment of the Atlanta Classic will feature the bands and football teams and alumni of Florida A&M University against Tennessee State University on Saturday, September 27 at the Georgia Dome in downtown Atlanta.

A couple of my frat brothers (alums of FAMU and TSU) will be hosting a big after party the night of the game at the Georgia Freight Depot ... check out the video with the party's plug (purchase tickets here). ENJOY!

"We Run the Classic" by Kountin' Fast Cash