Saturday, August 16, 2008

Bigfoot in North Georgia Mountains (USA)

A pair of Georgia men faced more than a half-hour of skeptical questions from reporters Friday as they defended their claim that they stumbled upon the body of Bigfoot while hiking in a remote North Georgia forest. Introduced by a publicist and beside a man who promoted what turned out to be a fake Bigfoot discovery in 1995, Matthew Whitton and Rick Dyer repeatedly said that their claim is not a hoax and that scientific analysis will prove it.

The men say they were hiking in early June when they discovered the body of a 7-foot-7, 500-pound half-ape, half-human creature near a stream. They also claim to have spotted about three similar living creatures -- and showed reporters video stills of what they say is one of those creatures shadowing them through the woods.

Whitton, a police officer on leave after being shot in the hand while making an arrest, is quoted as saying the following:
  • "We were not looking for Bigfoot."
  • "We wouldn't know what we were doing if we did."
  • "I didn't believe in Bigfoot at the time."
  • "But you've got to come to terms with it and realize you've got something special. And that's what it was."

  • BLOG UPDATE (08/19/2008 6:15 PM EST): Okay, call off the hounds... the whole bigfoot discovery was a hoax. reports that the bigfoot in the freezer was a rubber dummy:
    The initial promoter of two hikers' claim that they found the body of Bigfoot in Georgia said he has determined that the discovery was a hoax.

    The body turned out to be rubber, and the two men who claimed that they found it, Matthew Whitton and Rick Dyer, have admitted that it was a costume.

    Read the article about the Bigfoot Hoax in Georgia here.

    Read the article about Bigfoot in Georgia here.

    plez sez: ok... this time, i'm referring to the georgia in the united states.

    there has been hoax after hoax about bigfoot. and as a youngster, i was inclined to want to believe the stories about a 7-foot half-man/half-beast roaming the woods of the pacific northwest. but in the woods in north georgia? a fully-intact dead bigfoot!

    so these 2 yahoo's found bigfoot in june, stuffed all seven and a half feet of him in a big ass freezer, and now they're ready to go public with it?

    it's obvious that "someone" has been watching too many late night movies, like "harry and the hendersons" featuring a young john lithgow. the premise of the movie also involves a presumed dead bigfoot (played by harry), who becomes a houseguest of the hendersons who hides him from the authorities and a bigfoot hunter... okay, it was a PG comedy, but it did win an Oscar in 1988 (for Best Makeup), which is more than i can say for the acting job of the guys who found bigfoot in the north georgia mountains.

    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

    plezWorld has a confession to make: i do recall going to see "harry and the hendersons" on a date with my girlfriend (better known as plezWife) when it came out in the movies in 1987. it is actually a funny and very good movie. the guy who played harry was a 7'4" Black man, named Kevin Peter Hall (1955 - 1991), who also played the Predator in the movies. he was in a very serious car accident and died of AIDS after receiving contaminated blood during a blood transfusion.


    Frankie Machine said...

    Go here:

    and tell CNN you have a Leprechaun in captivity. See if they'll send out a news crew. Apparently they'll believe anything.

    plez... said...

    an inordinant amount of coverage was given to something that even the media presumed would be a hoax! a bunch of backwoods hicks trying to gain some publicity... you say you have a Leprechaun locked up in your basement?!? *smile*

    contagious101 said...

    i am one of those backwood hick......... and wha knows, this story maybe true!

    plez... said...

    i'll bet your dollars to my donuts that this whole thing is a hoax... it's okay, you can be a backwoods hick and NOT BELIEVE the hype! *smile*

    contagious101 said...

    why yes! i will remain a backwoods believer.... i'm syre i have more class in my little hick finger than most have in their whole body......... comments welcome..... hooray bigfoot. lol