Saturday, August 23, 2008

Obama Veep Watch

All of plezWorld is tingling with anticipation. My cell phone is charged up and ready to receive my text message from the Obama Campaign informing me of his vice presidential nominee.

I will MOBILE BLOG that message from my Palm Treo to plezWorld as soon as I receive the text message.

Who will it be?

  • Gov. Tim Kaine (of Virginia)

  • Sen. Evan Bayh (of Indiana)

  • Sen. Joe Biden (of Delaware)

  • Sen. Hillary Clinton (of New York)

  • Rep. Chet Edwards (of Texas)

  • Someone Else (of someplace else)?

  • All of the talking heads are opining, saying it's going to be Biden.

    The only certainty is that the VP nominee will join Sen. Barack Obama in Springfield, IL tomorrow for a big speech at 1 PM EST.

    Read the article about Obama's short list here.

    More Obama vice presidential speculation here and here and here.

    plez sez: my crystal ball is looking kind of cloudy this evening and i'm not getting a strong signal (only two bars).

    they say that kaine and bayh have already been told it's not them. they say that clinton hasn't even been vetted. and surprise! surprise! chet edwards (who represents the district where george w. bush's ranch is located) claims to have been vetted, but hasn't spoken with Obama!

    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

    Obama has to pick a strong, vocal candidate. he has to pick someone with name recognition and experience. by his own admission, he has to pick someone who can step in as president.

    you read it on plezWorld first: it's going to be HILLARY CLINTON.

    that's right, he's going to hold his nose... and call in Billary to help defeat mccain in november.

    none of the other candidates comes with a built-in nation-wide base. none of the other candidates has received as many votes as clinton. none of the other candidates have a constituency that may feel "dissed" if they ARE NOT picked. and none of the other candidates is married to the last democratic president to be re-elected since FDR!

    the only other candidate who comes close to clinton is joe biden, and to my way of thinking, he's a distant second. he has the experience, he has the ability to debate the issues, BUT... didn't he drop out of the presidential race within the first 2 or 3 weeks? clinton ended up with over 18 million votes this year... if Obama and clinton's voters return to the polls in november, there is NO WAY THAT OBAMA CAN LOSE!

    i know. i know... what the hell are you gonna do with Bill Clinton? i look at it this way: it's better to win the election, rather than risk losing it because of opposition to the VP candidate's spouse!

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