Sunday, August 10, 2008 SPAM

From CNN Public Relations:

Earlier this week, a spam message purporting to be from CNN began circulating the Internet. We decided to blog about this to alert those of you who hadn’t yet received it to be on the lookout for it; and also to assure those of you who did receive it that the message was NOT, in fact, from CNN.

As you may know, spammers often disguise or forge the source of their e-mail to give recipients the impression that the message derived from another system, especially one tied to a recognizable brand. In this instance, the spammer chose to use the CNN brand.

The message, claiming to contain CNN’s Top 10 news stories and videos of the day, is fraudulent and did not originate from CNN. If you have received it, we suggest that you delete it from your mailbox. Further, we recommend you delete any e-mail message from your mailbox that you believe may be illegitimate.

Thanks to all of you out there who alerted us to the existence of this spam purporting to be from CNN.

plez sez: Fradulent Spam is Everywhere... i guess it's just a by-product of the Internet Age.

well, plezWorld was a frequent recipient of said SPAM... actually, i received a message each day for the past week. one thing that tipped me off that it was SPAM: all of the messages showed up in my SPAM Folder AND none of the links in the e-mail message were for DUH!

ya'll be carefull, it's a jungle out here!

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