Monday, August 11, 2008

Isaac Hayes - RIP

Soul singer, composer, and arranger Isaac Hayes, who won Grammy awards and an Academy Award for the theme from the 1971 action film "Shaft," has died, sheriff's officials in Memphis, Tennessee, reported Sunday, August 10, 2008.

No foul play is suspected. It is reported that relatives found Hayes, 65, unconscious in his home next to a still-running treadmill. Paramedics attempted to revive him and took him to a hospital, where he was pronounced dead shortly after 2 p.m., the sheriff's department said.

"Theme from 'Shaft'" by Isaac Hayes

Check out this live performance from 1973,
with an introduction by Jesse Jackson.

"Walk on By" by Isaac Hayes from Hot Buttered Soul LP

This song was popularized by Dionne Warwick,
but Hayes's version delivers such a soulful rendering.

In memory of Black Moses (1943 - 2008).

Read the major news accounts of his death here and here.

plez sez: many don't know that he was the first Black person to win an Oscar for a non-acting role in a film ("The Theme from 'Shaft'"). his influence in R&B music helped usher in the era of what we now call urban contemporary music.

Isaac Hayes defined an era with his music. in short, he was a "bad mutha-shut-yo-mouth"!

we have lost another GIANT of soul.

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Lori said...

Yes, the Old Grim Reaper has been busy, hasn't he? First Bernie, now Isaac and he almost snagged Morgan last week. It's too sad.