Monday, March 27, 2006

In Rotation – Monday’s Groove (Part II)

Today is much less than a “Manic Monday” (which incidentally was written by Prince for the Bangles back in 1986), but I just decided to throw on the headphones and let my iPod take me to another place for a few hours. It's Monday afternoon, so I must be listening to my "Long Version" Playlist to hear songs that are at least 6 minutes long (usually with a funkier beat and stuff you’ll never hear on the radio).

I have my post-lunch drink of crushed ice and water with a few lemon slices. Here's the music flowing out of my iPod into my earhole:

Eye To Eye by Chaka Khan (9 minutes extended remix from Life Is A Dance Project)
Click for a sample of Eye To Eye
Clouds by Chaka Khan (7.5 minutes extended remix from Life Is A Dance Project)
Let’s Pretend We’re Married by Prince (7.5 minutes)
Any Time, Any Place by Janet Jackson (7 minutes)
Cold Sweat by James Brown (7.5 minutes with extended solo by Maceo Parker)
Do Me Baby by Prince (7.75 minutes of the ultimate slow jam)
Superwoman (Where Were You When I Needed You) by Stevie Wonder (8 minutes)
That’s The Way Love Is by Bobby Brown (7.5 minutes from Remixes in the Key of B)
Click for a sample of That's The Way Love Is
Superstar/Until You Come Back to Me by Luther Vandross (9.5 minutes)
Condition of the Heart by Prince (6.75 minutes)

Stone Jam by Slave (6.75 minutes)
Friend (featuring Foxy Brown) by Puff Daddy & The Family (7.75 minutes)
Searching by Luther Vandross (7.5 minutes)
Pump Me Up by Trouble Funk (6.75 minutes)
I’m Coming Out (Maurice Joshua Club Mix) by Diana Ross (8 minutes)
Shhh by Prince (7.25 minutes of Prince showing Tevin Campbell how it was supposed to be done!)
You Dropped a Bomb On Me by The Gap Band (13 minutes)
Two Can Play That Game by Bobby Brown (7 minutes)
Click for a sample of Two Can Play That Game
Dance Wit’ Me by Rick James (7.25 minutes)
Mothership Connection by George Clinton (7.5 minutes)

The Payback by James Brown (7.5 minutes)
Do I Do by Stevie Wonder (10.5 minutes)
Fire and Desire by Rick James & Teena Marie (7.25 minutes)
Love Serenade (Parts 1 & 2) by Barry White (7.75 minutes)
We Are Family by Sister Sledge (8.25 minutes)
Holiday (Dub) by Madonna (7 minutes)
Chocolate by The Time (7.5 minutes)
Click for a sample of Chocolate
Live4 Love by Prince (7 minutes)
Cool by The Time (10 minutes)
Papa's Got A Brand New Bag (Parts 1, 2, &3) by James Brown (7 minutes with instrumental solo's)

My how time flies when you’re having fun… time to head home.

I hope you enjoyed my Monday Rotation.

Wednesday Update (03/29/2006) - I have been playing with adding audio and eventually a plezCast (my version of a podcast) to this blog. Today, I've added a few music samples, click the audio post icon to listen.

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vcthree said...

I'm stealing your iPod. As a matter of fact, I have four of the songs you listed (all from the original tracks) on iTunes now. When I finally get around to buying a Pod, I'll have my own music channel set.

That said, you got a hell of a selection there. So much music, so few gigabytes on my PC to hold them all

plez... said...

Thanks for dropping by... I'm curious to know which four tracks we have in common?

I'd also like to PodCast some music or a short collage, but it doesn't appear that has a podcast feature... or does it?!? If anyone knows, let me know. THANKS!

vcthree said...

"Eye to Eye" (that song has been stuck in my head since 1988--when we had the album "I Feel For You" on LP. And yes, I was only 8 then.), "That’s The Way Love Is" and "Two Can Play That Game" from Bobby (both of those are underrated songs on an underrated album, IMO. And the remix album is well worth it.), and "Do I Do", which I downloaded minutes after I heard it on "Idol" last year.