Monday, March 27, 2006

Patti LaBelle Struggles on Stage

This past weekend, Patti LaBelle - diva supreme - had problems in getting on track at a show in Riviera Beach Jazz and Blues Festival in Florida. She apologized to her fans and eventually cut the show short.

Should her fans get their money back?

Now, I'm a Patti LaBelle fan from way back and I've seen her numerous times in concert. Other than Michael Jackson and Luther Vandross, you could not ask for a better live performance by an individual. I've been in the house when she has sang a song acapella without a microphone to an entire theater of people... something few people would ever even attempt. I've never seen her not give 100% to her fans. It could be that her health problems and age are finally catching up with her.

I only wish her the best and hope that she cancels her shows until she feels well enough to perform again.

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Terrence said...

Hadn't heard about this. Thanks for posting.