Saturday, April 14, 2007

Barack Obama in Atlanta

Turn the Page to a New America - Barack Obama for President

Barack Obama came to Atlanta today and delivered his stump speech on the campus of Georgia Tech. Under cloudy skies and with an audience of thousands, my daughter and I watched in awe as Senator Barack Obama (D-IL) enthralled the crowd with his message of change.

This guy is the real deal, he has the credentials (professor of Constitutional Law at University of Chicago Law School, US Senator), he has the education (Columbia, Harvard Law School), he has the drive, and the vision for an America AFTER the Bush Administration. He spoke eloquently of an inclusive America and a government that governs by right and not political expediency. He is against the War in Iraq, yet sees the need for a measured withdrawal that will not leave the Iraqi people with an unstable country. He spoke of supporting our troops in Iraq AND when they return home. He spoke of Universal Health Care for all Americans and exploring the means of adequately funding the "No Child Left Behind" policy of George Bush. He spoke of providing incentives for car makers and oil companies to create energy efficient transportation, he spoke of creating an industry that will profit from making our environment safer and cleaner.

My eyes welled up with tears at times during his speech as I held my daughter close and listened to his powerful message for change. He is the kind of man that I want to lead this country for my daughter and my daughter's children. He spoke to my mind, my heart, and my soul when he spoke of an America that threw off the shackles of slavery, empowered women, enacted fair labor laws and a minimum wage, created a middle class, and championed civil rights for all Americans. Barack Obama has so much optimism and spirit, I cannot imagine anyone but him occupying 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue on January 20, 2009.

These are some pictures that I captured on the camera on my Treo 680:

Barack Obama working through the throngs of supporters

My daughter experiencing her first political speech

A ticket and Barack Obama for President buttons

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Keith said...

I'm still on the fence about who I'm going to vote for in the primary, but through this blog you are doing a good job of pushing me toward Obama. I think we need a president that we can feel. I just hope that recent events haven't hurt a black man's chances of winning (just being black will hurt it enough).

plez... said...

i know you love your family the way that i love mine... i have no doubt that i want Barack Obama in the White House for the next 8 years, for the sake of my family.

his message of hope and change in America was profound. he doesn't speak in political platitudes, he is real, pragmatic, and a voice of reason that belies the "foolishness" that passes itself off as politics in DC!

get off the fence and join the Barack Obama Movement... America needs a change!

David Sullivan said...

Being black won't hurt Barack, his political inexperiance and lack of Washington "connections" will be his biggest obstacle. The only other "possible" candidate I would like to see is Gore, but that won't happen. Hillary is too polarizing and that is the only chance the Republicans have a shot in 2008. Run, Barack, run!!!

CapCity said...

Well, brother Sullivan, it's nice to hear a man of European descent state that being Black won't hurt Obama's chance at the presidency. I don't think it "helps" his chances, but that's my view of the world as a Black woman.
I LOVE Obama - he is SO Smoooth w/o being "sketchy". I think our grandparents will be so proud to see a Black man as president in their lifetimes.

I hope he changes the name of the president's home to president's palace or something w/o out color/racial connotations...but, i guess first he needs to get INTO that place of residence;-).

Off to church now, will pray much for Obama & the rest of us:-)!

Francis L. Holland Blog said...

Barack Obama would be the first non white-male president of the United States. On this sixtieth anniversary of Jackie Robinson's first game in Major League Baseball, I publish an article entitled "The Enduring Importance of Firsts," making an argument that breaking into new areas that were once off-limits to us is an important part of securing our place in America and establishing ourselves as equals.

I first published this article at DailyKos with the title "Ending the White Male Monopoly of the Presidency," and I was banned from participation at DailyKos a few days later.

plez... said...

i agree with you to an extent that Barack is the most mainstream Black presidential candidate ever, as evidenced by the turnout at his rally yesterday in Atlanta. it was a veritable rainbow of colors out there... but it would be foolish to think won't be ANY backlash to his candidacy because of his race. we are not a colorblind country, yet.

Barack & America are gonna need all of our prayers...!

i hope you are right about Obama! i will check out your blogs that got your "fired" from DailyKos.

David Sullivan said...

I didn't mean that being black won't be an obstacle (especially with the crossover vote), but it won't be his main obstacle. I know here in Massachusetts we are a counrty unto ourselves when it comes to politics, but we just elected a black govenor who presides in one of the most racially segregated cities in the world (that would be Boston).

In my opinion, if there can be a black govenor in the Massachusetts State House, there can be a black president in the White House.

CapCity said...

LOL! David - that is the TRUTH! LOL! The state housing Boston has a Black Governor? WOW! Maybe this country really IS ready for a Black President.

They say prayer works (& i continue to hold to that faith)!

Francis L. Holland Blog said...

Hey, Plez. How are you?

I've written an article
Considering the Records of Hillary Clinton vs. Barack Obama.

pom d'api said...

Hi! I discover your blog. My name it's Candy. Nice to meet you and nice blog. America needs a change with black and white, it's wonderful
I have a dream

plez... said...

thanks for dropping by. i went to your blog, but unfortunately, i don't know ANY French!

but that picture of chocolate cake made my mouth water! *smile*

Dr Earl said...

Look at my brother in the blogousphere. I feel the same about Obama and would have been at the rally but was out of town. I am proud of you Plez for being involved and informed.

plez... said...

dr. earl,
thanks for dropping by plezWorld... i hope return and contribute to the myriad of topics that i have to offer.

...and yes, dr. earl is a real doctor and he is my blood brother... can't you see the family resemblence?!? *smile*