Sunday, April 22, 2007

Alexyss Tylor Speaks Sexual Power

These two videos (Vagina Power and Penis Power) are making the rounds on the Internet... and plezWorld found them quite "interesting." Alexyss Tylor is an Atlanta native who had a brief cable-access show in Atlanta. She has a very frank, graphic, and (at times) hilarious take on the power of sex.

She keeps it REAL! Class is now in session.

WARNING: These videos contain language that is sexually explicit... they are not suitable for children or your work environment!

Vagina Power

Penis Power

plez sez: i think this is what they call viral video... something that spreads unfettered throughout the Internet. when i finally stopped laughing, i knew that i had to share these videos with plezWorld! what the HELL is a Jackrabbit? ROTFLMAO!

she killed me with the reference to the $2.99 special at Long John Silver, she is obviously speaking from experience! HA HA HA!


David Sullivan said...

To me, a "rectum full of sperm", as she puts it is worth, at least, a steak dinner with all the fixings. :)

plez... said...


i hope i didn't offend anyone's sensibilities by sharing those videos, but the content was soooo rich, i couldn't help myself!

and if all she got was the $2.99 special at Long John Silvers, then she is definitely "selling" herself short! *smile*

CapCity said...

who da hale are dese heah wimin? they got me all hooked on the suthern drawls...LOL! not the SKRIMP w/o light BREAD!! Lawd ha' murcey! thanx for the laughs, Plez. Maybe this did help some women-folk to respect themselves & not let the sperm get all up in day brains...all i can do is shake my head. Lord, I shouldn't laugh, but I cayn't hep it!
And why couldn't the sistah in pink SIT UP & put that dayum notebook down! Her posture was irking me! LOL!

plez... said...

you are killin' me! your comments are ALMOST as funny as the video itself...

...and you were not the only one who is IRKed by the sistah with the bad posture (who has NOTHING worthwhile to add to the conversation). One time she could've said, "Ooooh, chile, I know dat's right!"

Theo J. said...

It sounded like she was speaking from first hand experience. She obviously hadn't gotten over what was done to her and needed to vent. She needs a hug in a real way.

But the funny thing was at the end when the other lady said now she knows what to look out for. I was laughing the whole time.

1dell said...

I created a social network for Alexyss, her teachings and the teachings of Tantra/Sacred Sex. All are welcomed to join

anastacia said...
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