Saturday, April 28, 2007

Cute Kids Videos

Here are three of the cutest videos you'll ever see in your life! I could only embed one video, but click the links to see the other two.

First up, a brother/sister team (a la Donny and Marie) do their rendition of "Itzy Bitzy Spider:

For all of the ladies of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority!

And for all the men of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity!

I found this to be extra special, because my wife is a Delta and I'm a Kappa ... I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did!

plez sez (circa 1982): "i'm so pretty on left, i'm so pretty on my right, i'm soooo pretty, i can hardly sleep at night!"


CapCity said...

I didn't quite "get" the under da sea, waterspout remix - but they were cute and their other clips HILARIOUS!!

I'm me-phi-me - but have the FONDEST memories of step shows!!(delta at heart..& STILL may pledge grad-chap...maybe;-).

Question Plez - I thought Deltas & Omegas were a natural'd the Kappa make that happen (wit'cho pretty self. LOL!)?

plez... said...

To answer your question: wouldn't you like to know?!? *smile*

in all seriousness, my wife and i went to different universities. and apparently she had not shown my fraternity brothers on her campus any love, so EVERYONE was quite surprised that she would even go to a Kappa party at her school, much less be smitten by a Kappa man who was visiting from a rival school (she went to University of Georgia and i went to Georgia Tech)!

CapCity said...

Tha's SSOOOO "cute". I know men hate to hear that word, but I adore love stories - especially when a woman is 'smitten':-). U & your wife need to write your story, Plez! I think there maybe a book out of Black Love stories (sounds like something I've read with a peice by Ossie & Ruby...have to look it up). If there's NOT there needs to be and if there IS - there needs to be ANOTHER one(maybe with 'regular' non-famous people;-).

CapCity said...

Found it! Click on Love Supreme to check out the specifics of the book:-).

plez... said...

thanks, CapCity, i'll definitely check out the book ("Love Supreme"). it looks like a "chick book" - something my wife would like - but who knows, i might find a story that captures my imagination... thanks for the heads up!

Lisa Johnson said...

I only watched the one video, but it's so cute! I never pledged myself, but my mom and lots of her friends are AKAs. I know- the enemy!! But my uncles are all Kappas. : )

plez... said...

Oh, Anali, i don't get caught up in that rivalry stuff: my wife is a Delta and my sister is an AKA, they get along GREAT! but i'm sure your uncles are some GREAT guys! *smile*

Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting such a cute video!The kids are cute and fun to watch.Take care.