Tuesday, April 17, 2007

plezWorld on the AfroSpear

What is the AfroSpear?

I've seen the term "AfroSpear," "AfroSphere," and "Blackosphere." I guess I'm partial to the title and associated logo! To my way of thinking, the AfroSpear is the realization of a think tank (and forum) for Black (African-American) progressives to discuss, muse, and ruminate issues that affect our communities. Inasmuch, we are not a monolithic entity, the AfroSpear will encourage lively debate, discourse, and an occasional disagreement as we hone a thought or platform on a particular issue. With the power of the current bloggers on the AfroSpear list, I'm encouraged that positive and actionable results will become self-evident.

plezWorld is anxious to participate in the given topics that will foster some genuine conversation. But the real power and effectiveness of such an AfroSpear will be borne out of its ability to affect change in our way of life and in a broader sense, that of America. Let's see if our collective foray into the great abyss of the blogosphere will be a call to those who need our votes or to those who seek our approval.

As thefreeslave wrote in his blog on this subject: "The ‘AfroSphere’ (Asabagna’s invention) must become an Afro-Spear, carving a path for our people into this 21st Century."

Who is the AfroSpear?

How to AfroSpear?
  • Create an AfroSpear List for your blog
  • Visit and contribute to blogs in the AfroSpear on a regular basis
  • Join the AfroSpear Forum
  • Occasionally develop posts and invite (tag) the AfroSpear to participate


CapCity said...

this sounds like a lot of work, Plez. I just want to write/create and read the thoughts of others:-). i'll watch from the sidelines. lol

plez... said...

ha ha ha... yes, it is! i've spent all evening contacting and reading the blogs on the list! WHEW!

but i have every hope that contributors on the list (and even an occasional watcher from the sidelines) will do something extraordinary in the blogosphere.

Dangerfield said...

Yo plez welcome to the Afropshpere my Georgia brother( it is georgia isnt it). I agree with you the Afrosphere has great potential.

Dangerfield said...

Also brotha Plez I am putting you on my Afroshpere list.

Francis Holland said...

Hi, plez!

This is great work! And here's a way we can show this very day what the Afrosphere is made of and what we stand for, which is the way we "grow" the Afrosphere:

AFROSPHERE ACTION ALERT - Two Black men, Ron and Roy Pettaway, Shot from Behind by Fulton County GA Police! One Killed. Please call relevant officials and ask for statement for Afrosphere publication. Names and phone numbers provided.

Francis L. Holland Blog

Exodus Mentality blog.

plez... said...

yes, i live in georgia.

thanks for posting the AFROSPEAR ALERT on my site. i will check into it further.

Christopher Chambers said...

Want to join and will do so, though I only have a political post once every three. Congratulations!!!

plez... said...

i'll add a link to Nat Turner's Revenge to the AfroSpear list on this blog... thanks for coming by.

don't despair, only a portion of my posts are political in nature. welcome aboard!

Unknown said...

plezWorld - It is a pleasure to be part of the AfroSpear experience. The hard part is keeping up with all the talented bloggers and blogs in the network!

peace, Villager