Tuesday, August 07, 2007

756 - Barry Bonds - Home Run King

Complete At-Bat for 756

plez sez: love him! or hate him! BARRY BONDS (San Francisco Giants) is now the Home Run King (the most hallowed record in all of sports) after taking a 3-2 pitch from MIKE BACSIK (Washington Nationals) to the right-center field stands (435 feet) for his 756th home run in over 23 years in the Major Leagues.

there is no taint on this record. there are no asterisks. there is no doubt. we have lived to witness the greatest baseball player of our lives.

Hank Aaron Congratulates Barry Bonds

one more time:

a brief aside: to those who like to blabber on about alleged steroid use: bonds was a certified hall of famer prior to the supposed "steroids era" and he has continued greatness to this day. and if you must bring that ugly issue up, remember, it was the "steroid era"... bonds was undoubtedly facing untold numbers of pitchers who were taking steroids... and he was still going YARD on them! give this steroids nonsense a break and stop drinking the Steroids Haterade!

all pictures courtesy of ESPN.com


David Sullivan said...

I echo Mr. Aaron's sentiments expressed on the Jumbotron last night that this is a great accomplishment. Check me out for more insight

tom said...

yesterday people in my office were clamoring for a free ticket to tonight's game (wednesday), but suddenly, after last night's drama, no one wants that ticket anymore. Now we're just a pretty crappy last place team :{

vcthree said...

I had a change to listen to the Washington Nationals broadcast of the game on Tuesday night--I was at work, and had no access to a television. I have to admit I was as riveted with this accomplishment as I was when Cal broke 2131, or when Mac hit 62. Something about a major baseball record going down just is that intriguing to me.

That said, I agree with your sentiment (even as I admit that I'm guilty of it) that we need not bring the alleged steroid use into the moment, here. I've given that some thought, lately, and the only thing I'd conclude from the constant hammering that Bonds takes over the steriod issue is that it's cheap heat--it's a response to him not being media friendly all the time, so this is what they use to get back at him.

The media and fans aren't willing to give Bonds the same benefit of the doubt that they give a Lance Armstrong, because Bonds carries himself at times like a petulant jackass. That said, however, even with all the coincidental evidence involved in the federal BALCO investigation, Bonds hasn't been suspended by MLB for steroid use. Detroit's Neifi Perez on the other hand, just got caught a third time, and has been put down 80 games.