Sunday, August 12, 2007

Atlanta Urban Heat Island

Saturday represented the fourth straight day that the Atlanta area has had temperatures at or above 100 degrees. It has never been this hot for so long in this part of the country. But growth and development has replaced much of the lush forestry that used to cover Atlanta (and its suburbs) with asphalt and concrete - we lose 55 acres of forestry per day.

The video shows the unintended consequences of growth in Atlanta:


As you can see by the thermometer in my car (as I zoomed around I-285 at 75 mph), we had another scorcher, with no letup in sight.

On Sunday, it is supposed to "cool down" to the upper-90's.

Tomorrow, I guess my daughter and I will go chill out by the pool.


Lori said...

Hey Plez,
I spent last Friday and Saturday in Atlanta and even then, it was hot "sho' nuff", as my dear old M'Deah used to say (smile).

But a couple of days ago, here in Charlotte, I was out in the car with my son when he pointed out that the temp gage read 106. According to the weather man though, officially it was only 104! Hah!

Yeah, it's hot. But I'll take it over the cold and snow and ice any day.

Mizrepresent said...

I have never stayed in so much, my entire living, i'm gonna hate to see that ac bill.

plez... said...

last months electric bill was a WHOPPIN' $560 and this month's bill is over $500 again! it has never been so damn high.

my house has 3 AC units and it seems like all 3 are constantly running these days.

i think Al Gore was on to something in his documentary, "An Incovenient Truth".