Friday, August 31, 2007

Soul Food - College Football Begins

Since January 8, 2007, I have been on a starvation diet, akin to eating nothing but bread and water since Florida walked away with the National Championship at the Fiesta Bowl. Well, last night, I settled down with the equivalent of a plate of fried chicken, collard greens, macaroni and cheese, and a hunk of hot buttered cornbread: LSU took to the field in Starkville, Mississippi against the woeful Mississippi State in an early SEC contest. It's been a LONG wait for college football to start. I've been on a bread and water diet of NBA basketball, college basketball, Barry Bonds and 756, Major League Baseball, a boxing match here and there, and the Michael Vick scandal.

Last night's meal was soooooo good. When I finally emerged from my dizzying perch on the basement sectional, with LSU thumping MSU 45-0, I was almost sated. LSU wasn't that good, MSU was THAT BAD: they need a new QB (a fourth-and-one fumble during their best opportunity to score and SIX interceptions) and are probably shopping for a new coach (sorry, Coach Croom)... the loss was on the other side of a complete embarrasment.

My Soul Food Orgy of College Football will not be complete until sometime in early January 2008. I can only hope that Georgia Tech plays its way into a BCS Bowl after last year's strong showing against West Virginia in the Gator Bowl.

So I will grab my towel and get ready for a Saturday lineup of awesome football:
  • (12:00PM, ESPN) East Carolina at #9 Virginia Tech - In an emotional home opener, VT will dismantle the poor East Carolina Pirates... this is an amuse bouche. I probably won't watch more than the opening kick-off and VT's first 2 touchdowns.

  • (3:30PM, NBC) Georgia Tech at Notre Dame - My beloved Yellow Jackets will travel to South Bend and finish what they started in their home opener of a year ago. We let the Funky Irish escape with a slim 14-10 win at the Flats, on Saturday, we will destroy the Irish and send their rebuilding season into disarray. Tech wins 31-14 and the Irish will finally break their 9-year losing streak in post-season bowl games, since they won't be going to one after this season... this one is the ribs dripping with sweet bar-b-que sauce.

  • (6:45PM, ESPN2) Oklahoma State at #13 Georgia - The Bulldawgs are hosting an opponent from the Big 12 conference. This will be another opportunity for the SEC to demonstrate its dominance in college football: Georgia wins 24-10... a second helping of macaroni and cheese (the ultimate comfort food).

  • (7:45PM, ESPN) Kansas State at #18 Auburn - My brother-in-law played for the purple and white Wildcats from the Big 12 conference, we'll see pretty early on why he should've played for a school in the SEC! Auburn doesn't lose at home very often and even less so against out-of-conference opponents who are not the Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets. I expect the Auburn Tigers to take care of business and give the SEC a 2-0 win over Big 12 opponents on Saturday: Auburn wins big 45-14... I'm washing down my meal with a big ole glass of ice tea with a couple slices of lemon.

  • (8:00PM, ABC) #15 Tennessee at #12 California - Loosen your belt for some dessert as this nightcap will be very sweet. UT is heading out west and their starting QB has an injured thumb on his throwing hand, I was expecting an upset at Cal, but I think the Golden Bears will hold off the Volunteers and pull off a close win. Cal wins 24-21. Damn, that warm banana pudding went down good.

  • (Monday, ESPN) #19 Florida State at Clemson - College football gives the NFL the boot on ESPN's Labor Day version of Monday Night Football in a classic ACC Showdown, pitting father (Bobby Bowden of Florida State) against son (Tommy Bowden of Clemson). Even though, Florida State and Daddy have owned Clemson of late, it is about time for Clemson to make a run at returning to respectability. This is going to be a close one because Florida State is coming off of 2 down years, as well. I expect an old-fashioned southern fried barn burner: Clemson pulls the upset under the lights in Death Valley 31-30. This will be my second helping of fried catfish and cole slaw to end the first weekend of college football.

  • "I can't believe I ate the whole thing."
    a 1970's Alka-Seltzer commercial

    College football is back and with a similar lineup of games for the next 13 weeks will definitely get me back to playing weight. I've already planned this season's first Georgia Tech Tailgate Party for Boston College's first visit to Atlanta since joining the ACC, of course, the Nupes will be throwing down with some burgers, dogs, chicken wings, and brew... let the games begin.


    LLR said...

    I just got off the phone with m cousin about 5 minutes ago. She was able to get me a couple of free tickets to the Southern Heritage Classic. Can't wait!

    The Stepfather of Soul said...

    All I can say is "bon apetit!" Good picks for what's going to be a good line-up of games. My boss is a big Tennessee fan, so I hope that prediction fails, just so Tuesday will be a good day at work! :)

    plez... said...

    Southern College Football (especially the SEC)... ain't nothin' like it! *smile*

    check out this ESPN article on Southern football.

    Dave J. said...

    It's all Big Ten up here baby!

    My friend, may the football bonanza begin!


    CapCity said...

    Well, Plez I'll see u after the spring thaw. LOL!

    David Sullivan said...

    You must be in your glory this morning!

    BC will win the ACC this year.

    Christopher Chambers said...

    Plez--your take one the Wolverines' debacle? Did the media play up the "emotional" Va Tech opener for ratings? I think so.

    Are we so wrapped up in the excitement of college football every August that weforget most of these brothers recruited for big school can't even read, while right wingers are trying to destroy affirmative action and close off opportunities for our REAL students? Holla here or on my blog.