Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Quote of the Day - August 29, 2007

"Bill Clinton... is a nasty, bad naughty boy."
- Senator Larry Craig (R-ID) in January 1999 on Meet The Press talking about the censure and possible impeachment of Bill Clinton after the Monica Lewinsky affair.

Click here to view the Hardball with Chris Matthews clip about disgraced Republican Senator Larry Craig's arrest, his denials about being gay, and his political future (or lack thereof). Matthews introduces a Meet The Press clip from January 24, 1999 in which the Glory Hole Roving Republican gives a finger-wagging scolding to then-President Clinton.
plez sez: Does it get any sleazier than this?

The Republican Senator who reportedly "came on" to prospective pledges of his fraternity while he was in college, "diddled" at least one Congressional Page in the early 80's, performed fellatio on a man in a men's restroom in Union Station in Washington, DC in 2004, and made lewd sexual advances to a male undercover cop in a men's restroom in the Minneapolis-St. Paul Airport in June 2007 (for which he pleaded guilty and paid a $575 fine) actually had the audacity to impugn the integrity of Bill Clinton back in 1999!

As for his profuse denials about his sexuality today and in 1982, I will paraphrase from Shakespeare's "Hamlet": "The [gentleman] doth protest too much, methinks."


Francis L. Holland Blog said...

Ji, Plez!

I don't think flirting should be a crime, whether it's secretive gay flirting or the much more overt heterosexual flirting. The crime Larry Craig is guilty of is called "criminal hypocrisy," which is a much more serious moral and political rather than criminal offense.

On an entirely different subject, what do you suppose engenders more controversy in a Black family? Being gay or marrying a white woman? That's the question I explore in an essay today, entitled,

"Gays, White Women, Controversy and Acceptance in a Black Family."

Homeland Colors said...

I could not care less if the senator were gay or not, but I do have a problem with him being full of it. I think it says a lot about the pointlessness of moral issues and the hypocrisy of those who espouse them.

plez... said...


i concur... and i guess it goes back to the old saying, "you cannot legislate morality." because your morals may be my immorality.