Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Atlanta's Tribute to Andy Young Hits Bump in the Road

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports that the effort to erect a downtown monument to Andrew Young is a melodrama chock-full of controversy, miscommunication and behind-the-scenes machinations.

plez sez: Andrew Young is a giant in the city of Atlanta; other than Martin Luther King, Jr., he may be this nation's greatest civil rights icon. He has been a civil rights leader, an ambassador to the United Nations, US Congressman, the mayor of Atlanta, a driving force in getting the Olympics to come to Atlanta in 1996, and a myriad of other noteworthy accomplishments. I only hope that the city can get their act together to honor this man for all that he has done for the region and all people of the United States.

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Terrence said...

I agree. Andrew Young has done so much. It's too bad so much controversy has to spoil what should be a no-brainer.

It reminds me almost of the tiff to rename Hartsfield.