Wednesday, April 19, 2006

In Rotation - Purple Humpday (Part III)

I thought I'd fire up iTunes and listen to my Prince playlist this afternoon. It's Humpday and what better way to pass a few hours than with the Purple One! I'm going to try something new and also provide a plezcast with a few snippets of my favorites as they are played ... check it out:

Shhh from The Gold Experience CD (plezcast)
Alphabet Street from Lovesexy CD
The Most Beautiful Girl In The World from The Gold Experience (plezcast)
Trust from The Batman Soundtrack (plezcast)
Pope from The B-Sides CD
If I Was Your Girlfriend from Sign O' The Times CD
Dirty Mind from Dirty Mind CD (plezcast)

Let's Work from Controversy CD (plezcast)
The Holy River from Emancipation CD
Let's Go Crazy from Purple Rain CD(plezcast)
Housequake from Sign O' The Times
Let's Pretend We're Married from 1999 CD (plezcast)
New Position from Parade CD
Sleep Around from Emancipation CD (plezcast)
America from Around The World In a Day CD

Click Click for Purple Humpday plezcast to hear my Purple Humpday plezcast.

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Clay said...

i LOVE prince - i hope he tours this summer ... i like all of those songs except Housquake

plez... said...

If memory serves me correctly, "Housequake" was the second hit (after "Sign O' The Times") to drop off of the Sign O' The Times 2-CD set (and movie). It isn't my favorite song off of the CD, but I love the line: "Shut up already... damn!"

Christopher King said...

I saw Prince in 1983 and again in 2000. Unbelievable. The new album is solid, too.

I'm getting ready for my Cameo/Roger tribute; it's been almost 7 years now since Roger and his brother met their waterloo.

Being from Ohio it hurts all the more.