Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Immigration Battle at Home

Last week, I was on vacation on a white sand beach in South Florida... no PDA, no e-mail, very little television. So I was more than alittle surprised with the groundswell of activity around the immigration issue. Here in Georgia, close to 60,000 people marched in protest of immigration reforms.

I'm torn by this entire issue. Being a minority myself, I know how bad the immigrants of Latin descent want to reap the benefits and rewards of hard work in the United States. But I also know that large numbers of immigrants come to this country illegally on an annual basis and I cannot help but wonder if their presence is contributing to the low wages for some jobs that are simply unacceptable for US citizens. The president of Mexico has gone on the record of saying that his people will do the work that Blacks in the United States will not do. He left off one very important caveat, and that is that the wages that some immigrants will work for are woefully inadequate and there are no Blacks nor Whites who will do them for those wages.

I do not agree with the criminalization of illegal immigration, but I feel that our borders should be more secured to control the flow of illegal immigrant traffic in and out of this country. As the old saying goes, "Good fences make good neighbors!"

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