Wednesday, April 12, 2006

McKinney and Tupac

She's at it again! Slugging it out with Capitol Hill Police is not the only thing Cynthia McKinney does. My congressional representative continues to prove why she is the Queen of Conspiracy Theories. A few weeks ago, U.S. Rep. Cynthia McKinney filed her latest piece of legislation: House Resolution 4968, "The Tupac Amaru Shakur Records Release Act of 2006."

For those who don't know, there is a Tupac Shakur Center for the Arts located in Stone Mountain, Georgia (in the heart of McKinney Country). I've never been to it and I guarantee you, I never will. Why it is in Stone Mountain is beyond me (I guess no one else wanted it). Tupac is not from Stone Mountain, never lived in Stone Mountain (but I think his mother is a current resident).

Well, Ms. McKinney is up in Washington, DC on my dime filing ridiculous resolutions like this! She apparently believes that his death was part of some massive government coverup and she's out to get to the bottom of it. Some would ask why? I can only ask, "Who cares?" I think he was a proponent of the "Thug Life" and i think he died in a violent manner consistent with his rap songs and thug-like demeanor. If I recall correctly, he was fleeing a violent incident at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas with his pal, Suge Knight. Apparently, a gang banger pulled up on them and opened fire. He wanted to be a thug, well, he got the full treatment. Let his poor soul rest in peace ... or as some say down South, "Let sleeping dogs, lie!"

And as for Cynthia McKinney, I hope my neighbors assist me in voting her ass out of Washington!


vcthree said...

The Shakur Center for the Arts was founded by his mother and is based in Stone Mountain. Here's more info...

That said...I'm with you on this--if there is a primary, get behind another candidate, and run this fool McKinney from office. She's officially off the reservation.

If one word could describe this whole charade: embarrasing.

I know I jump on those clowns who go around wanting to name every little thing in every single county in America after Ronald Reagan. But at least he was President of the United States. This "Shakur Act" is just as preposterous, and what's more--with all the rising gas and energy prices, the lies that led us into a stupid war, the corruption of the executive branch--this is what she's choosing to concentrate on?

Seriously, what the hell is she thinking about?

Look, Cynthia, if you want to host "Unsolved Mysteries" or "Forensic Files", or write an episode of "Cold Case" or "CSI: Atlanta"? Go right ahead--I've got no problem with that. But stop doing it on taxpayers time and taxpayers dime. And while you're at it, stop attacking Capitol Police with your cell phones.

plez... said...

Thanks for the clarification on the Tupac Shakur Center for the Arts.

I've already talked Cynthia McKinney until I'm blue in the face. One of my neighbors - Dekalb County Commissioner Hank Johnson - plans to run against Ms. McKinney in the fall. He's a long shot (and a dark horse) because he's very quiet and doesn't have the demeanor to whip up a constiuency that would go to the polls in droves to defeat McKinney.

This is a VERY Black Democratic district and the only way McKinney will lose is to another woman who has impeccable credentials (like Denise Magette).