Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Bill & George for Hillary?

"Well, the first thing she intends to do, because you can do this without passing a bill, the first thing she intends to do is to send me and former President Bush and a number of other people around the world to tell them that America is open for business and cooperation again."
-Bill Clinton in response to a question from a supporter about what his wife's "number one priority" would be as president. [read more at CNN's Political Ticker].

It is obvious that this slap at Bush 43's ineffectual leadership for the past two terms did not escape the Republicans, as RNC spokesman Danny Diaz quickly responded with the following statement in response to Clinton's comments: "In 2009, a Republican president will be working with our friends and allies abroad to continue to keep our nation safe. The American people expect our leaders — both current and former — to present serious solutions to the very real challenges confronting our nation." [read more at CNN's Political Ticker]

plez sez: come on, folks! it's 11 months BEFORE the election and i'm already tired of the second clinton administration!

what is going on in the mind of bill clinton? does he still think that he can get away with saying ANYTHING?!? or is he suffering from the early stages of dementia? what in the heck would compel W's father go on a world tour with bill clinton to tell the world what the world already knows: that his son is a blubberin' idiot and that W has been screwing everything up for the past 8 years!

i mean, there's a big chasm between hubris and insanity - it seems that bill is mired in it. bill's comment is so loaded with foolishness, that this latest episode (bill's comment and the RNC response) must come in second on the HILLARY HUMILIATION METER to the discovery of that "stained" blue dress.

even though, america has survived 8 years of george w. bush, i know we're not going to sign up for another 8 years of clintonocracy. imagine how much trouble ex-president bill will get in if he's back in the white house! if he is delusional enough to believe that george h. w. bush is going to do a world tour with him to trash his son, then i'm also thinking that he's planning to "party like a rock star" during his second stint at 1600 pennsylvania avenue... hillary won't get any work done (or much sleep) for cleaning up the "mess" bill will be making all over the world (sorta like having an older version of jimmy carter's brother, billy, except he'll actually be living full time in the white house).

and worse yet, we'll have TWO presidents in the white house saying whatever moods hits them, because neither has the moral character or integrity to actually say what they really believe. like hillary saying that she didn't authorize anyone to continually bring up that old news about barack obama's drug use. like bill saying that he wasn't criticizing barack obama when he called him too inexperienced to be president. [read about it at CNN's Political Ticker]

we're only two weeks away from the iowa caucus. there is a great alternative to this clinton mess, and his name is BARACK OBAMA! he is grounded, he has a good sense of self, and he provides the hope and change for this country that the clintons only dream about. let's break the bush-clinton monarchy here, before jeb bush decides to run for president in 2016!

plezWorld Supports Barack Obama


Martin Lindsey said...

I've sent in my contribution! Might throw in a few more bucks after the new year. Change is the thing. Let's make it happen.

rikyrah said...

I'm with you. This is supposed to be democracy...and the thought of trading the Presidency of the United States between two families is wretched. Obama IS change. Period.

endangered coffee said...

You know Hill would send Bill on the 'world tour' just to get him out of her way.

Sleeperwithheavyeyes said...

Man the run up to Iowa is going to be interesting, The Clinton's have been running the light blue cousin of the Republican attack machine on Obama, its only going to get worse.