Sunday, December 02, 2007

Soul Food - The B.C.S. Mess & Indigestion

From the sublime to the ridiculous... the last weekend of college football ends pretty much where it began. No clear winners. No clear National Championship contenders... just eight to ten pretenders. It has left a bad taste in my mouth and it's got me up at 3 AM blogging about it!

  1. Missouri (11-2) proves why a weak regular season usually comes back to bite you, as the only REAL team that you played (and lost to) is the team that you have to meet for the Big 12 Championship and an invitation to the BCS Championship game. Of course, you lost!

  2. West Virginia (10-2) seemed destined for the BCS Championship game since they were playing a 4-7 Pitt for the Big East title... of course, you became the SEVENTH #2 team to fall this season (with 6 of the 7 going up in flames against unranked opponents)!

  3. Ohio State (11-1) hasn't played football since mid-November and won't play again until early January... whatever momentum they had was wasted when they closed out the regular season against an unmotivated Michigan (whose coach resigned the next day). Everything seems to have fallen into place so that they can go to the BCS Championship Game, even though they don't have a conference championship game!

  4. Georgia (10-2) is probably the hottest team in the nation, but they couldn't even win the SEC East (losing to Tennessee and South Carolina) and didn't play for the SEC Championship... so will they even get an at-large BCS bid?

  5. Kansas (11-1) played a weak schedule and all of their weaknesses were exposed by Missouri last week, so they couldn't play for the Big 12 Championship... they are in the same boat as UGA.

  6. Virginia Tech (11-2) won the ACC in a revenge match against Boston College... I guess they're headed to the Orange Bowl? Or maybe the BCS Championship Game against Ohio State?

  7. LSU (11-2) won the SEC over a mediocre Tennessee, but are coming out of the toughest conference in the land which will probably propel them into the BCS Championship game.

  8. USC (9-2) beat up on UCLA... so you know the Left Coast Cry-babies are going to promote USC for the BCS Championship, even though the Pac-10 is mighty weak.

  9. Oklahoma (11-2) whupped Mizzou for the second time this season while winning the Big 12... can they leapfrog LSU, VT, and Georgia for an opportunity at the BCS Crown?

  10. Florida (9-3) are behind too many other mediocre teams and I don't think the BCS will allow more than 2 teams from any one conference in its bowls... they'll have to be content to have Tim Tebow winning the Heisman trophy!

  11. Boston College (10-3) faded in the end of the ACC Championship game and lost to Virginia Tech when their comeback was thwarted by two fourth quarter interceptions.

  12. Hawaii (12-0) is the only UNDEFEATED BCS team left, but will their cupcake schedule allow them to break into the Top Ten?!? I doubt it... too bad... so sad!

I'm afraid to say that plezWorld is dazed and confused, and my stomach is rumbling like i ate some bad french onion dip... that stuff will ruin you!

I need closure at the end of the football season. I needed West Virginia or Missouri to win this evening, and BOTH of them lost. For my wife's sake, I need UGA (TO HELL WITH GEORGIA!) to go to the BCS Championship Game, but they will be trumped by conference champs Virginia Tech and LSU. I need for Virginia Tech (QB'ed by my homeboy, Tyrod Taylor) to go the BCS Championship Game, but they were THUMPED by LSU earlier in the season.

So, I'm going to step out in my upset-stomach-induced daze and say that the BCS Championship Game will be between LSU and Ohio State... the game will be over at halftime with LSU nursing a 24 point lead!

BLOG UPDATE: Read the 2007-08 Bowl Schedule here.

And if you think plezWorld is the only one who is upset with today's outcomes, click here to read an article from the New York Times... it is definitely time for an eight-team BCS Playoff (which would only add one or two games to the schedule).

The existing four BCS Bowls (Sugar, Fiesta, Rose, and Orange) can be utilized for the quarter finals round, then add two semi-final games in another host city (like the NCAA Final Four), and then a final BCS Championship Game. With parity visiting itself upon college football programs around the country (Missouri, Kansas, Hawaii, Boise State, South Florida, Rutgers, UConn, and ten other schools that you didn't know had football programs), there needs to be a better way to separate the wheat from the chaff AND crown a REAL BCS Champion!

I hate to quote Larry the Cable Guy, but it is so appropriate: "Get 'er done!"


David Sullivan said...


They have to go to a playoff system. The Bowl system is so outdated and ineffectual.

FERGIE said...


Lola Gets said...

The Army got SPANKED by the Navy! I was like, dayum, when the score was 24-3 at the top of the 4th quarter, please, for the love of God, stop the game and let the Army go console themselves! That was truly pitiful.


plez... said...

they SHOULD go to a playoff system, but these bowls bring in soooo much cash, i doubt they'll scrap them unless they can be part of the playoff picture. and there is a genuine fear that playoffs will diminish the value of (and the attendance to) regular season games - remember Ohio State, Michigan, Tennessee, Clemson, Georgia, Alabama, LSU, et. al. have to sell over 90,000 tickets 6 or 7 times a season!

plez... said...


i'm afraid the Buckeyes are gonna get THRASHED in the Championship Game... they will have been sitting around for 51 days when that game gets played... AND it will virtually be a HOME GAME for LSU (at the SuperDome in New Orleans)... their campus is less than 100 miles away!

Georgia Tech is seriously courting Paul Johnson (the current coach at Navy)... and don't forget Georgia Tech SPANKED the Army earlier this season for our homecoming game!

Martin Lindsey. said...

Plez, let me make your day brotha'. Tuskegee finished with a perfect 12-0 season baby!

The Golden Tigers are headed to the Pioneer Bowl. Take care of business and a third Black College National Championship in the last ten years is practically a lock.

BCS, I laugh at thee!!!

plez... said...

congrats for Tuskegee's excellent season... that is to be commended. and i'm also envious of the fact that EVERY other division in college football has a playoff system to determine their champions!