Monday, December 10, 2007

Michael Vick Gets 23 Months in the Slammer

Vick Supporters & Protesters

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports that suspended Atlanta Falcons QB Michael Vick was sentenced to 23 months by a federal court judge earlier today. The judge cited Vick's unwillingness to accept full responsibility for the illegal dogfighting ring that he funded and ran. He also noted Vick's drug use while he was out on bond awaiting sentencing (he tested positive for marijuana in September shortly after entering a plea agreement).

In addition to the 23 month prison sentence, Vick also received 3 years probation. He must serve at least 85 percent of the sentence (19-1/2 months), so the earliest he can get out of prison is May 2009.

After Vick apologized to Hudson, his family and his children, Hudson told him he should also apologize "to the millions of young people who looked up to you."

Read the entire AJC article here.

plez sez: without vick, the falcons are a woeful 3-9. and there are no wins for the team in the foreseeable future.

the atlanta falcons have another monday night football game tonight (against the new orleans saints)... this is the second such game this season. in addition, they played the indianapolis colts on Thanksgiving night. vick was so popular that the nfl wanted him (and the falcons) on prime time television as many times as the super bowl champion colts and new england patriots!
michael vick was not only the face of the falcons, he was the face of the NFL... the truest competitor in the ultimate competition sport. and apparently that was his undoing!

instead of owning up to his mistakes and taking responsibility when this THING blew up over the summer, vick held out for that miracle hail mary pass that would bring him another victory. unfortunately, the virginia federal court building is not a football field and vick's lawyers wore no cleats or pads. he entered into a competition where he was not the star and his magical feet were unable to deliver a victory.

personally, i feel that the punishment (almost two years) is a bit harsh considering the "crime." but then again, lying in federal court ain't no joke! it is very disappointing and disconcerting that my homeboy (i went to high school in neighboring hampton, virginia) would allow himself to get into something like this... and this is something for which he will have to pay the ultimate price: his freedom and his livelihood.

i hope (and expect) that we'll see #7 sprinting into the end zone once again... in 2010 or 2011! i'm sure he'll be given another chance at the league minimum.

and i truly hope that others who find themselves in the throes of illegal activities will use this mike vick tragedy as an example of why they should find a way to chart a more positive path for their lives.

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Lola Gets said...

I thought his sentance was pretty fair, considering the heinousness of his crime (yes, Im an animal lover). What I do have a wee bit of a problem with, as Raw Dog Buffalo pointed out, is the fact that he has to pay nearly 1 million dollars in damages for the rehabilitation and care of these dogs.

Now, I love animals, but I do not believe that it would that that much money to care for those wounded dogs for the rest of their lives. I just dont. And, as Raw Dog Buffalo said, the excess money could be used for better purposes, say bettering the lives of children?? But thats just me.