Monday, December 10, 2007

Shame on the Irrelevant - Guest Blog

I have been corresponding with one of my fraternity brothers who blogs for the The Detroit News ( He recently posted an opinion on Andrew Young's twisted logic for not supporting Barack Obama as the democratic nominee for president. I considered writing something concerning this subject myself, but his thoughts concerning Barack Obama mirror mine, so I present Eric Brown as my guest blogger.

Shame on the Irrelevant, December 8, 2007

I am amazed at how so many so-called leaders of blacks try to make and/or keep themselves relevant today. A little over twenty-four hours ago, former mayor and U.S. Ambassador went on record to state his reasons for not supporting Illinois Senator Barack Obama. In what I find to be one of the most ridiculous statements by Mr. Andrew Young, he said that Mr. [Bill] Clinton is every bit as black as Barack Obama (referencing author Toni Morrison's declaration on the former president). He then went on to say that Bill has probably gone out with more black women than Senator Barack [Obama]. Well, based on the logic of Andrew Young, if ignorance is bliss, then I take it that he is a very happy fella.

The words that came out the mouth of someone that people may still refer to as a leader borders on pathetic. Again, what I see is another black pseudo leader that resentful of the fact that they are not currently in the limelight. I also see a black man that is still beholden to the Clinton's as if masta controls the mental slavery that permeates the thought process of these fallen souls. To have a litmus test referencing and comparing the dating pattern of a former president to someone seeking the office is just downright sad. To suggest that Mr. Obama should wait until the year 2016 to run and that now is not the time is another example of metal slavery controlling the words that somehome makes it way out of the mouth of people these days.

Mr. Young, you truly embarrassed yourself by referencing the fact that you served as one of the many lieutenants under Martin Luther King, Jr. I say that because if he could see how you and others have failed him in his efforts to make this place called the United States better for all, you are surely one that would have been fired for failing to live up to his goals. Your rationale for not supporting the junior Senator from Illinois sounds like sour grapes to me. You are no better than the men of yesteryear that did whatever they could to keep a person of color from living out his/her dreams. You and those like you sicken me with all of this "we shall overcome" bull(manure), when you do everything possible to keep those that look most like you from overcoming. Jason Whitlock of the Kansas City Star recently wrote about the death of NFL player Sean Taylor and those that caused his demise. He referred to the young men as the "Black KKK". Well sir, you and all of the so-called leaders of the black race that continue to find reasons to discredit Mr. Obama can join that club.

You want to question the senator on the amount of advisors that are black in his camp compared to that of your masta Clinton's wife. Is it because you and members of your posse were not asked to join up to be a part of "Team Obama" reason enough for you to constanly criticize his presidential run? Or is it that you fail to see that masta's wife knows how to manipulate you to get exactly what she wants from you? You people are too stupid to put aside your pride and embrace the best thing you have going for you with regard to a legitimate black presidential candidate. Mr. Obama is no different than your masta was when he first ran for president. I do not recall any of you back in 1992 questioning the age of Bill Clinton. Yes, he was only forty-six at the time of his first presidential run (same as Mr. Barack is now). Neither do I recall any of you worrying about whether or not the masta's kid would be picked on at twelve years of age by others. Barack and [Michelle] Obama have two beautiful daughters that are six and eight years of age respectively and exactly what are your concerns regarding other kids picking on them? I ask you and others that were so involved with the late Martin Luther King, Jr.; was there ever a discussion with regard to his take on "paralysis of analysis"? Is so, then you are truly an embarrassment as you try to analyze the candidacy of Mr. Obama. However, if there was a conversation and you feel the way that you do about Mr. Obama, it tells me that you were with Dr. King for the ride only. Seems as if you are a lieutenant that should have been left behind.

I have no idea what it is going to take to get black people to understand that what we have in Barack Obama is something special. I am not saying that each and every one of us have to support his bid to become our next president. What bothers me more is that I constantly hear reasons that are so illegitimate for not supporting him and the alternative of many blacks is Hillary. So I ask, what exactly is it about her that have earned you people her trust and support? Remember, slavery is over and masta no longer has control over you; that is unless you like being controlled. When statements continue to be made by you leaders of the past as it relates to Mr. Obama, you will continue to stay irrelevant.

On Monday, December 10, 2007, Mr. Brown will be a guest on NPR's "Bloggers' Roundtable" at 1:00 PM EST.

thanks to Eric Brown for his contribution to plezWorld.

Watch Andrew Young Being Irrelevant


The Stepfather of Soul said...

Thanks for featuring that post. I join its author and you, by extension, in the consternation over how so many "black leaders" are falling over themselves to sabotage Barack Obama. Back when Barack first announced that he was going to run, I wondered how people from Hillary's or Edwards' campaigns were going to attack him on racial grounds without taking the risk of appearing racist. I got it now: they have plenty of blacks to do it for them!

rikyrah said...

I have to agree with the above poster. Thank you for pointing out this great and on point article. These folks have no legitimate reason to not back Barack Obama. Can't be because he's not progressive enough - he's more progressive than she is. It's not that he's not qualified; it's obvious that he is. So, because they have no REAL reason other than they want to remain on the Clinton plantation and want those crumbs; then we get lunacy upon lunacy as reasons.

See, there are some folks who have legitimate policy problems with Barack Obama. They I respect. They are the ' skeptics'. They are for real and genuine. This funky haterade from Young and his ilk is disgusting to watch.

plez... said...

after watching the video of Andrew Young, i am speechless. the Clintons can do NOTHING for him... why is he pandering to them? why does he feel he has to demean Obama to score points for Hillary? based on what he said about Obama, why would he want to vote for him in 2016?!?

that was the most foolish rant by an OLD FART that i've ever heard. with a plantation mentality by leaders of the movement, i'm no longer surprised that the civil rights movement ended where it did! our leadership had neither the balls nor the intellect to advance the Cause any farther!