Friday, December 07, 2007

Georgia Tech & Paul Johnson Agree on Contract

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports that Paul Johnson has agreed to a contract to coach the Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets. The story does not have contract terms, but local sports radio (790 AM - The Zone) reports that the terms of the contract are for 6 years and $14 million!

Johnson is currently the head coach at Navy, where he took a 2-10 team after his first season to winning 43 games over the next 5 seasons. He was also the head coach at Georgia Southern University where he was 62-10 and won TWO Div 1-AA national championships.

Read the entire AJC article here.

plez sez: way to go TECH! i like this move, spend the money, bring in top notch talent, and work on beating the Bulldogs and winning the ACC on an annual basis!

paul johnson is obviously a very good coach (look at his track record) and has a good reputation for being a good recruiter, as well. something this is necessary to compete with UGA in Georgia and has the ability to recruit nationally for talent (Tech's academic rigor requires a much wider net that just the state).

well, it's time to celebrate, the only way i know how... with the rambln' wreck song:



Martin Lindsey said...

Go Ramblin' Wreck. I haven't been following Tech's program lately. Johnson definitely has an impressive record. Is he the guy most YellowJacket faithfull were hoping for?

What's the latest on your star quarterback from the last couple of seasons. I don't know his name but he wears/wore #1 and he was always in the hilights.

Is he still in school, NFL, Canadian League, NFL Europe? I was always curious to see how he would do at the next level.

plez... said...

paul johnson was high on most "knowledgeable" folks lists, but i am not quite in the know (so i wasn't aware of him until he started interviewing this week). i do recall his very successful run at Georgia Southern.

the QB of which you speak is Reggie Ball. last year (2006) was his fourth (and final) year for the GT. he didn't leave on a high note: we lost our last two games against UGA and Wake Forest for the ACC Championship. and he was ruled academically ineligible to play in the Gator Bowl against West Virginia.

he was signed as a free agent to the detroit lions as a wide receiver and i haven't heard anything about him this season (it funny, his wide receiver, Calvin Johnson, was the Lions first round draft pick).

his backup for the last couple of seasons had a so-so 2007 (we went 7-5, the head coach got fired, and we accepted a bid to play Fresno State on the Boise State blue football field in the Heritage Bowl)... it was quite evident why the guy was a backup!