Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Debra LaFave is Still a Child Molester

plezWorld Supports Barack Obama!CNN reports that Debra Lafave, the former Florida middle school teacher convicted of committing numerous sex acts with a student, was arrested Tuesday for "inappropriate but non-sexual contact" with a teenage coworker.

Debra Lafave was arrested after talking with a female teenager. The association violated the terms of Lafave's probation, which forbade her to have contact with anyone under 18, the sheriff's office said.

Read the entire CNN story here.

plez sez: i opined on this whole sordid mess with this woman last year (read it). her behavior and her subsequent release with a slap on the wrist turned my stomach back then... and this violation of the terms of her probation only goes to reinforce my thoughts that her "pretty" ass should been sent to jail for molesting that middle school student.

i have no doubt had she been "ugly" or Black, they would've found a jail cell for at least a couple of months. since ms. lafave is above the law, she feels no enmity about breaking the terms of her probation... and of course, this violation will not send her to jail, either.

don't you just love america's justice system?!?


Shhazam said...

When I was studying to be a teacher, my evaluators put a very high emphasis on maturity of the student teacher. In light of the LaFave case, it appears that maturity of the teacher has taken a low, back seat in the approval process.

plez... said...

she is soooo sleazy, i don't have adequate words for this woman. but i also take issue with the news continuing to make light of her CRIME and subsequent PROBATION VIOLATION because she is "pretty"!

how can you write an objective article that is laced with subjective descriptions of the perpetrator... her looks should have NOTHING to do with the level of punishment she should receive. GEESH!

i wonder how much her looks came into play when she was getting her teaching certificate... because she obviously skipped the section on ethical behavior of teachers.

Jonathan Brown said...
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Jonathan Brown said...

I'm sure I would've been scarred for life if a 23 year old had sex with me four years ago when I was 14.

wah wah, what a "victim"

That kid's probably getting high fives to this day

Bet's On said...

you: "don't you just love america's justice system?!?"

article: "The teenager told the officers that Lafave discussed "non-work related issues such as family problems, friends, high school, personal life, boyfriend issues and sexual issues in both private one-on-one conversations" with her and in group settings, according to the report."

Proof positive she's a recidivist alright.

Terence said...

Under the law a 14 year old boy can not consent, although I am sure he did...The gal did not use good judgement (bipolar disorder probably played a major role in this, which she has no control over). The latest arrest sounds like BS. It was girl talk with a gal one month from her 18th b-day at work. Total BS.

rikyrah said...

I have no doubt had she been "ugly" or Black, they would've found a jail cell for at least a couple of months.

You said a mouthful here.

I'm challenging someone to find me an example of a BLACK female teacher doing this, and getting this kind if treatment. This kind of ' understanding'.

I bet you'll never find it.

This woman was a pedophile before. She's a pedophile now.Seems as if she's an equal opportunity pedophile. But, now, they look extra stupid as to how they treated her, and want to find a way to weasel out that doesn't make it clear that they were negligent the first time.

Too bad.

They ignored the needs of the child, and sided with a child molestor.