Thursday, December 13, 2007

ANTM9: And The Winner Is...

Way back in mid-October, plezWorld had a post on my main Guilty Pleasure after weekends of college football and consuming large bowls of rocky road ice cream: it's those fine ladies who grace my television every week under the guise of Tyra Banks's "America's Next Top Model." For Cycle 9, I decided to add my own prognostication as to who I thought should win.

The weeks rolled by and two of my three favorites were removed from the show. Ambreal was eliminated TWICE, the first time, the other contestant volunteered to leave, thus sparing Ambreal for a few more weeks. Lisa's lack of confidence finally did her in, and she was sent packing.

Saleisha made it to the finals against a tall, beautiful, and very blonde Chantal. They competed in a show by Chinese designer Qi Gang... the dresses were complex masterpieces. Both models looked great, but my favorite stole the show!

Politics, Sports, and now High Fashion... plezWorld sure can pick 'em!


Saleisha and ANTM: plezWorld's Guilty Pleasure!


Keith said...

America's Next Unemployed Model is more like it. Tyra exploits them for us, the viewers, then sends them out into the world to be forgotten. But it is entertaining.

plez... said...

it is my understanding that they get a one year modeling contract and a spread or two in a prominent magazine (like Seventeen)... and then they are sent out into the world to be forgotten! *smile*

Bygbaby said...

I was happy that Saleisha won also. Ambreal totallylost steam after the first few episodes & I was not sad to see her go at all.

As for Lisa, I hope she finds some confidence or she will have a rocky road to travel (pun partially intended).

I'm ready for Cycle 10 already & I am happy to know that I am not the only brotha tuning in faithfully!!!


plez... said...

Saleisha was my favorite from Episode 1, so i'm glad that i can still pick 'em! Tyra Banks did two cycles in 2007, maybe they'll do the same in 2008!

CapCity said...

I'm glad for her, too - but are we really surprised? She DID go to Tyra's training camp;-)

Nancy O said...

Tyra does NOT exploit these girls then send them into the world to be forgotten. They are sent to classes and really get a chance to learn the ropes inside and out from all the other models. Tyra even at one point in time had a model house set up for the close contenders! So, you do not know of which you speak. I admire how honest she is and down to earth with all the girls. Many have been guests on Tyra's talk show doing all sorts of things. Tyra is good people in my book and her beauty comes far from within stretching outwardly where she is an awesome role model. She has made many girls feel so good about themselves it isn't funny so your information is invalid.