Saturday, December 15, 2007

plezWorld Reviews "This Christmas"

My family and I went to the movies last night. We went to see "This Christmas," a family movie for the holidays.

The premise is pretty simple: the Whitfields gather for the Christmas holiday for the first time in several years. It is a movie that is suitable for the entire family, with mild language and some sexual innuendo.

Check out the "This Christmas" site here.

plez sez: all of the family members bring their baggage along for the ride. it was a fun, family drama that explored the intricate family dynamics that affect us all. just about every dynamic was explored in a very real way, but each was explored with the help of a well developed plot and three dimensional characters.

loretta devine glows as the family matriarch and this was the first time that i've seen teen heart throb chris brown in a movie where he wasn't killed off in the first 10 minutes: "stomp the yard... but he does sing in this one... and he's a very good singer. you will also note that chris brown's brother (columbus short) in this movie was also his brother in "stomp the yard."

there was something for everyone in this flick... i highly recommend that you add it to your holiday fare.

and you must stay for the "family movie" AFTER the movie... it was the MOST FUN i've seen in a flick in a long time!


CapCity said...

I love Chris Brown cuz he hails proudly from Tappahannock, VA - a county away from my gramma's;-). I also want to see this movie - have only heard good things about it, so far.

rikyrah said...

I've seen it three times. Enjoyed it all three times. A Black FAMILY coming together. Not perfect; everyone with a secret, but it was great. I loved that they - Joe and Ma'Dear, were both entrepreneurs.The house was fabulous. I loved the sibling relationships, and how they brought the truth from one another, and had one another's backs. I can't wait to get it on DVD.

You've got to review The Great Debaters too - totally psyched for Christmas day.

Jay said...

I think that movie looks great. I've seen the trailers for it, but haven't see it listed here at my local theater. I'll catch it sometime or somewhere though. Even if it's when it comes out on NetFlix.

plez... said...

go see it... i'm sure you'll enjoy seeing your "almost home boy" in it! *smile*

THREE TIMES?!? i'm just sitting here wondering which of the cast members you've got a crush on?!? *smile*

i hope they bring it to your neck of the woods, so that you can check it out... it'll probably be a few months before it's out on DVD, unless you got the hookup for a bootleg copy! *smile*

Anali said...

Thanks for the review! I was wondering about this movie. I'll have to see it. I really like Loretta Devine and was sad to see her leave Grey's Anatomy. Or at least it seems like she's left...

Lori said...

Our son asked to see this movie as part of his birthday treat, a week or so ago. My husband grumbled about the choice, but ending up enjoying it as much, if not more than any of us (smile).

I was struck by the cross-over appeal of the movie. Our audience was about half & half. And the two middle-aged White women seated
in front of us were laughing so hard, I thought they'd hurt themselves (smile).

Bygbaby said...

I wanted to see after turkey but lost steam & energy. I mos def want to take my little tribe to see this. You have just given me new incentive!


plez... said...

to be honest, i've never seen one episode of "Grey's Anatomy", but Loretta Devine always seems so genuine in every role she plays.

it seems that this movie has something for EVERYONE! this is probably the first Christmas movie since "The Preacher's Wife" that i have really enjoyed.

there is no way that i could go see a movie on thanksgiving night after the L-tryptophan kicks in! *smile* seems like this movie should be around through the end of the year.