Sunday, January 06, 2008

The 6th Degree: High Tech College Classroom

[Hat Tip: left cheek]

plez sez: since i've signed on to blog everyday for 2008, i will have to get alittle more creative in finding blog fodder. occasionally - well, probably more often than that - i will wander aimlessly, let's say about 6 blog roll links away from plezWorld to find a blog. i will then post something that i've found at that sixth blog: "The 6th Degree".

if nothing else, this will provide me (and plezWorld readers) the opportunity to see content that we would not ordinarily read.

1st Degree: Mirror on America
2nd Degree: Nat Turner's Revenge
3rd Degree: field negro
4th Degree: U.S.S. Clueless
5th Degree: Iron E (Fe+E)
6th Degree: left cheek

1 comment:

Villager said...

Plez --> That is quite a commitment to blog every day. I wish you well in this endeavor. It should be interesting to see the rise in your blog's place on the Black Blog Rankings over the coming weeks and months.

I like the concept of the 6th Degree blog as well.

peace, Villager