Saturday, January 19, 2008

Nevada - Clinton Pulls Out Another Win

plezWorld Supports Barack Obama!Hillary Clinton bested her two rivals by snapping up over 50% of the vote in Nevada's caucuses on Saturday, January 19th. After a week of bellyaching by Bill Clinton about the disenfranchisement of voters due to the structure of the caucuses which would allow MORE people to participate, the Clinton Machine found a way to pull out another one.

Barack Obama came in second with a respectable 45% of the vote with John Edwards a distant third with only 4% of the vote.

Since these three left Iowa, the Democratic nomination battle has turned into a two-horse race with Clinton besting Obama over the past two weeks. The focus has shifted to the Southeast and South Carolina where the Democratic Primary is on Saturday, January 26, 2008. Obama appears to be leading in the polls there, but his campaign can expect a heavy push from the Clintonistas this coming week.

Everyone will be in Atlanta over the next couple of days for the celebration of Martin Luther King, Jr. Holiday; Barack Obama will be at Dr. King's old church - Ebenezer Baptist Church - tomorrow morning. If I can get up and get my family to the queue by 7:00 AM tomorrow morning, we may go check him out in person. Obama is going to need this win in South Carolina to remain viable in this race or I'm afraid his campaign may drop off considerably.

Even though, Nevada carries few delegates and Michigan's delegates are in doubt, the Clinton camp is gaining momentum and confidence with each win. Obama has only won one race, in Iowa, and that win is becoming more distant and meaningless as the losses pile up. I had planned to go out canvassing for Obama this morning, but inclement weather (snow) cancelled the event.

It would be nice for Obama to win at least one race before going into Super Tuesday on February 5th!

Side Bet: plezWorld did predict a Clinton vs. Romney election a few months ago... I'm really hoping that I wasn't right!

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