Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Another Milestone in plezWorld

According to sitemeter, at or about 9:15 AM EST on Monday, January 7, 2008, a visitor from Harlan, Iowa caused plezWorld to pass a significant milestone: the 10,000thth visitor.


it's no surprise that this person was directed to plezWorld when he/she Googled for "seven girls with seven backpacks with seven cats with seven kittens"! the brainteaser series is still the most popular post on plezWorld.

plez sez: ten thousand is a big number. now i'm sure a couple of hundred of those hits were mine from when i'm on the road (i have sitemeter set up to ignore hits from my home computer), but this is still a significant accomplishment.

i'd like to thank everyone who has dropped by on purpose and probably the 5,000 who clicked on plezWorld by accident... i hope you enjoyed this tiny, yet significant thread which helps comprise the vast tapestry that is plez's world!

here's to 10,000 more!


Villager said...

Plez --> That is a remarkable accomplishment! Keep going strong brotha!

peace, Villager

Rebecca said...

Yay for you! I hit 1,000 last Friday. I was so proud. :)

David Sullivan said...

Congrats from someone who provided at least 3% of those hits.

JJ said...


I've enjoyed your site.

Added you to my Blogroll...

We'll definitely be coming back:-)

fermicat said...

Congrats on your ten thousandth hit! I bookmarked you after reading some of your comments on the GT Sports blog, and check in here now and then. In addition to having Georgia Tech in common with you, I am also really liking Barack Obama and looking forward to voting for him in a few weeks.

plez... said...

i really appreciate your friendship and support. it's been great working with you and the AfroSpear.

you're selling yourself short, i'm sure that you're responsible for at least 4% of my hits! *smile* and i really appreciate your honest feedback and support on this thing. if it weren't for you, it would've taken another 2 or 3 months to reach this milestone!

i've been to your site and you're doing some nice things over there... congrats on hitting the 1,000 mark.

i'm really feeling that Brown Sugar site... it has already become a daily fix for me... thanks for the BlogRoll.

what's the Good Word? TO HELL WITH GEORGIA!!! *smile* thanks for helping me celebrate this milestone... take care!