Monday, January 14, 2008

Terrell Owens And The Bitch Move

On Sunday, the heavily favored NFC Eastern Division Champion Dallas Cowboys lost to the surging New York Giants, a team that they had beaten twice this season. During the postgame press conference, Terrell Owens pulled a bitch move: sniffled and cried as he tried to defend the poor performance of his quarterback, Tony Romo.

plez sez: WTF!

TWO (count 'em), two BITCH MOVES on one day... first bob johnson dissing obama and then terrell owens sobbing to the rescue of his overmatched and overrated QB! where were the tears when he was pissin' on donovan mcnabb in philly?!? at least, mcnabb got them to the NFC Championship game for 4 straight seasons and one super bowl... tony romo can't get the cowboys out of the first round of the playoffs!

T.O. seems to be unstable... didn't he have a failed suicide attempt a few seasons ago? they may need to keep an eye on this brother, because i ain't ever seen any *ish* like that before!

and my frat brother, ny giants rookie michael matthews, is heading to green bay next week to play for a shot in the super bowl... congrats!


David Sullivan said...

As a mental health professional I recommend that TO gets some meds and counseling. Either that or some Midol for cramps.

Lola Gets said...

LMO@T.O. needing Midol

he needs something man.