Wednesday, January 23, 2008

A View from Training

This week, I'm just outside Boston (in Waltham) attending a training class for a software application that I will implement for a client next month. It's cold up here... I mean below freezing cold (it snowed briefly on yesterday)!

I took this picture of tracks in the snow from the classroom window. I gaze out there on occasion to remind me of the warmth I have in Atlanta.

This picture & posting is courtesy of my Treo 680.


Anali said...

Hey Plez! You're up in my neck of the woods! I went to Brandeis for undergrad, so I lived in Waltham for a brief period of time. I don't know how much time you have, but email me if you want to grab a cup of coffee or something. Welcome to the Bay State! : )

Francis L. Holland Blog said...

Great photograph.

Plez, I still believe that Hillary Clinton is going to get the presidential nomination. If she does, I certainly believe that Barack Obama should be offered the V.P. nomination before John Edwards is.

Wouldn't you agree? Barack has raised more money, gotten more votes and put together an effective national campaign. What has John Edwards done successfully lately, aside from being a white man?

Edwards says that, because he's a white man, he can go anywhere in America. I guess Edwards spends his time hoping that discrimination remains pervasive in America so that his little white sons can have the same opportunities, the same competitive edge vis a vis women and minorities, that Edwards says he enjoys because, as a white man, he can go anywhere in America.

David Sullivan said...

Like Anali said, give a holla.

plez... said...

i normally have a week or two advance notice before going out of town, but i literally found out on friday evening that i would have to fly to boston on sunday!

next time, i'll try to put the word out about my travels in advance... i did trade e-mails with anali, but were not able to meet.