Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Bishop Earl Paulk Goes to Jail

Earl Paulk, founder and Archbishop of the Cathedral of the Holy Spirit in Decatur, Georgia turned himself in on Tuesday evening after a warrant for his arrest was issued for a perjury charge. The perjury charge stems from testimony that the 80-year old Paulk gave during a sexual misconduct deposition last summer. If convicted, he faces up to 10 years in prison and $1,000 fine.

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plez sez: i should insert a fitting quote here about putting one's faith in false prophets, but that would be too easy. and this whole story is so base, it should call into question ANYONE who dons a collar and calls himself a man of God!

this 80-year old coot was called in to give a deposition about alleged sexual misconduct that HE was conducting at his church over the past 4 decades. he claimed that he'd only screwed around with one church secretary. come to find out, DNA evidence shows that his 35-year old nephew, D.E. Paulk, a senior pastor in the church, is actually his son... yeah, old Earl was boning his younger brother's wife!

and it gets worse: one of his granddaughters claims that she was sexually assaulted on numerous occasions by this old man starting when she was only 7-years old!

one staffer claims to have been his "sex toy" for 14 years, with the old man claiming sex with him was her path to salvation. a number of former church employees and attendees have accused him of sexual molestation and sexual misconduct over the past 25 to 30 years!

there is no telling how many little girls were molested by this monster. how many women who went to church there fell into his trap of sexual deviancy? jail is too good for this pervert... my only hope that his old ass croaks before another dime is wasted on convicting him.

the street that runs past the church was renamed in his honor - Bishop Earl Paulk Parkway - i wonder how long it will take the county to remove the signs and rename it back to Flat Shoals Parkway!

it's scumbags like Earl Paulk who justify me not exposing my daughter to the falsehoods and lies of the church on sunday mornings. plezWorld was raised in the baptist church, went to sunday school every sunday, sung in the youth choir on the fourth sunday, and played my saxophone in every easter and christmas program i can remember. i occasionally feel twinge of guilt for not sharing the faith of my fathers with my daughter, and then money-grubbing and sex-starved perverts like Earl Paulk, Eddie Long, and Creflo Dollar (all local celebrity "preacherpimps") tell me that i'm right!

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BLOG UPDATE (1/16/2008): the Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports that Earl Paulk plead guilty to perjury and received a $1,000 fine and 10 years of probation.


Robert said...

Hello Plez , I also feel these celebrity preacherpimps have taken religion and turned it in to somekind of bling bling rap video of sorts.Would Jesus have put 22 " inch wheels on his wagon as he preached to the multitude.

lotus07 said...

This is entertaining. Since this is regional news, we haven't heard about this in the Southwest. Man, that is one big ass church! Takes a master manipulator to be able to haul in that sort of dough. Me thinks his congregation is about to get a lot smaller.

Here in the southwest, we have huge community churches on every block, that are basically tax free networking centers and peer group social clubs. When I see a church the size of a high school campus, I really have to question how much of "God's Work" is being done there.

For my rant on the organized religion, scroll back down through my blog to find "The Church of the Three Jimmys".

Missy said...

Hey Plez

While I understand your irritation about a preacher's name even being involved in sex scandal, let us be mindful, that our constitution states that one is innocent until PROVEN guilty. One is not capable of speaking truth if u are incapable of being objective or fair, and I dont know Paulk personally, & never been to his church. Regarding your comments n ref. 2 the Bish. Earl Paulk story, one thing we see magnified, is that GOD'S WORD is TRUE and without prejudice!

In Matthew 10:26 God's Word states "there is nothing covered, that shall not be revealed; and hid, that shall not be known". Also, while we have liars,thieves, perverts,adulterers,drug users n the fields of lawyers, nurses, politicians,doctors,educators, police dept., human services,music industry, engineering etc.,NO WHERE in the main associations or unions of these perspective fields (for ex. the US Assoc. of Engineers) do they admit that these kind exist within their field. But God loves us, and is open and fair. In the Word of God (Matthew 7:15),he not only makes mention of this fact, but FOREWARNS us, "Beware (WATCH OUT)of false prophets, which come to you in sheep's clothing (as if they r preachers), but inwardly they are ravening wolves(the devil). If the accusations against Paulk is true, then we see Gal.6:7 is NOW being executed. If Paulk is guilty of the accusations b4 him, God, the righteous judge, will handle his business concerning Paulk,because he takes the business of his sheep (God's people) very serious Jeremiah 23:1God is the righteous judge,even when the authorities of this land are not. What you should be more concerned about is YOUR standing in God. God has anointed and appointed you to be his son (the spiritual lineage of your forefathers tells me that) and the father to your child that represents a small version of him, for she too, has a spiritual lineage and the call of God on her life. When I say small version, I am not calling you a God, but your child (and others) should be able to see the attributes of God in u thru your lifestyle & the word that u teach her. She should learn of God's agape love for her AND mankind, by experiencing it thru her relationship with you. Agape love supercedes natural love; it has an injection of God's love in it,& can only be attained when one has an intimate-not just personal- relationship with God. As n natural relationships, U cant get intimate w God unless u spend time alone with him...the intimacy takes place n prayer and reading the Word. God did not place u in a spiritual lineage for nothing, you have a calling by God on your personal life, and that "twinge of guilt" that u feel is because u r not walking n your divine purpose, but you r settling for excuses to justify some things n your life that u r not ready to give up n order to serve God on the level that he is calling u to, which is the MAIN reason u were created & and even exist. In the word of God, Noah's life is representative of the fact that God, the creator and sole owner of this world will NEVER be left without a remnant of righteous people who cant be bought, wont sell out, and represent him with spiritual integrity. NO you are NOT right, nor will u EVER be, for using some weak, tired excuse about what some other men R ALLEDGEDLY doing to justify why YOU arent being the mighty man of valor that God has called YOU to be, and for not being the man of God in your daughter's life, displaying God-like character b4 her----teaching her the things of God thru precept (the Word) and example (your lifestyle). You are without excuse, even IF your fore-fathers were the "money-grubbing, sex-starved perverts that you apparently think all preachers are. Understandably, you seem to have a sensitive side to preachers living an unholy and immoral life. Could God be calling YOU to be a part of his remnant of people that will CHOOSE to accept his grace to live a life that pleases God to the utmost? I have planted or watered, now God, U give the increase. THANK YOU for the honor of speaking n2 plez's life! Missy, Detroit