Monday, January 07, 2008


most weekends, my wife is curled up on one of the sofas watching hour after hour of HGTV. watching show after show about buying homes, selling homes, and decorating homes. this is my wife's ritual on saturday mornings while i take the SugarPlum to ballet lessons or on sunday mornings while we are at the Waffle House.

although, not an activist, the plezWife is politically aware, we both plan to vote in the democratic primary here in georgia in a few weeks. more than likely, we'll be voting for the same person to head the democratic ticket come the fall.

on the other hand, it is not odd to catch me on any weekday morning, watching the call-in show on C-SPAN. i love hearing the different perspectives of folk from around the country as they opine on all things democratic, republican, and independent. on this past thursday, i coerced my wife into watching the iowa caucus coverage on C-SPAN: we flipped back and forth between the democratic and republican caucuses until the winners were announced.

this past weekend, something happened... BARACK OBAMA happened! every television in the house has been tuned to C-SPAN since thursday night: we've been watching all of the candidate speeches, laughing at the callers... my wife even made me call C-SPAN on two separate occasions, between Obama's nashua speech, the dennis kucinich segment, and replays of the mitt romney (i do not like that guy) lying about shit he ain't ever gonna do in somebody's living room - the first time i couldn't get through and the second time they had already stopped taking calls. we switched to ABC to watch the republican and democratic debates, and then switched back to C-SPAN to get additional analysis. i didn't see either NFL playoff game on saturday and only watched recorded versions of the playoffs on sunday afternoon after the Michelle Obama speech in plymouth!

plezWorld & plezWife are on the same page about the upcoming new hampshire primaries...

republicans: ron paul comes off as the most sane candidate in the bunch, but he makes too much sense, so they will never take him seriously... hell, they barely wanted him to participate in the debates last night. mike huckabee appears to be a likable and affable chap, if i were to pick one of the bunch to vote for, it would probably be huckabee... i hope he wins the nomination. mccain, romney, thompson, and guiliani are career criminals politicians whose only motivation is a seat in the oval office... none of them can be trusted and we'll be in for a whole lotta hurt if either of them find a way to weasel into the white house.

democrats: i can't wait for Barack Obama to win the new hampshire primary, the most recent polls have him moving ahead to a double digit lead this weekend. i watched his wife's rousing speech on sunday afternoon - she delivers a stump speech almost as well as her husband. this guy is so refreshing, so inspirational it is uncanny. it is so nice to have a candidate who is untainted by the washington establishment, someone with core morals and values and conviction. he has practical grassroots EXPERIENCE, more political EXPERIENCE than hillary clinton (with her lying ass), and an INSPIRATIONAL VISION for a truly united states. this guy brings tears to my eyes every time i hear him speak.

[Hat Tip: Brown Sugar]

i like john edwards who is currently my second favorite candidate. bill richardson has a solid background but doesn't speak to me. and hillary clinton comes off as cunning, calculating, and conniving... i don't trust that woman (during last night's debate, she kept referring to 35 years of experience... to my way of thinking, slobbing on bill's knob for 20 years in the arkansas governor's mansion and the white house don't count!) and i feel that returning the clintons to the white house will be as detrimental to the well being of this country as has been the last seven years of george w. bush!

so we had a weekend devoid of stainless steel appliances, leather sectionals, paint chips, feng shui, landscaping, and fixer uppers in favor of our complex political system... and plezWorld is all the better for it!


David Sullivan said...

Ron Paul makes sense because he is really a libertarian, not a dye in the wool republican.

Obama is the real deal.

Lets hope he stays safe.

DJ Black Adam said...

I have to say that Barak is the most sane of this pick.

citizenine said...

I agree with you about Ron Paul, plez. I just wish he'd take the opportunity at these debates to put the other candidates on the spot about their lack of support for the constitution. He should make a brief statement about the constitutional basis of his own position and then pointedly ask one of the other candidates, by name, how he can possibly justify his position from a constitutional perspective. Smoke them out, one by one.

I share your enthusiasm for Obama.

Francis L. Holland Blog said...

Barack may well demonstrate that, as he said during his victory speech in Iowa, "Our time for change has come." In fact, that was a brilliant formulation, since if he simply said, "Our time has come," then whites would have thought he was thinking of Black's time and that would have been repellent to them (I think). But, since he said "Our time FOR CHANGE has come," that included whites people and others, and so they are happy about that. And it's true.

As I've been saying for two years now, the abysmal state of America after 43 consecutive terms of white males in the White House means that Americans are looking for a change.

I don't have a crystal ball, but when others were fatalistically saying that the presidency doesn't matter and that electing a non-white male president wouldn't change anything (WRONG, WRONG, WRONG) I insisted that we had to get involved in the presidential race and end the 43-term white male monopoly of the presidency. I see a consensus developing that that may be both achievable and worthwhile in 2008.

Of course, everything that might be achieved by doing so would be defeated if John Edwards were the nominee. I can't simultaneously say that "Our time for change has come," but if not then let's nominate the 44th consecutive white man, which would represent no change at all and, in fact, a reaffirmation of the status quo that Barack Obama is fighting against.

Lola Gets said...

I dont understand why Edwards is so far behind in the polls. Hes on my list of faves too.

Hathor said...

Just how would a woman candidate run. Those "cunning, calculating, and conniving" attribute actually elect men. I do not take objection to you speaking to her experience or policies. I will not vote for her in the primary, but I have been bothered by the right's portrayal of her and now even the left. As an older assertive woman, I think a lot of the accusations have to with that she is not young, soft spoken or Ms Congeniality. Even the photographers make sure they take her picture in light that will show off every nook and cranny. Hillary Clinton has become synonymous with Evil and pictured as the Hag. This is style over substance.