Wednesday, September 24, 2008

29 Seconds With Sarah Palin

Gov. Sarah Palin (AK-R) was in New York City on Tuesday to finally meet her first foreign leader - Afghan leader Hamid Karzai. And the press was given exactly 29 seconds to observe the event!

She also met with Colombian President Alvaro Uribe. The press was given about 20 seconds to observe this meeting.

What follows are excerpts from the article about the Palin-Karzai meeting:
McCain-Palin campaign officials shifted course Tuesday after being informed by television news organizations that they would not broadcast footage of Sarah Palin’s meeting with Afghan leader Hamid Karzai Tuesday in New York — the Republican VP nominee’s first with a foreign leader — if a reporter was not allowed in to observe the pair. CNN does not send cameras into candidate events where editorial presence is not allowed.

CNN, which was the pool network for the event, informed the campaign of its decision. The network was then told a CNN producer would be allowed in the room to act as a media representative, just minutes before the photo op was scheduled to take place. However, print reporters and wire services were not allowed to observe the meeting, as they have been able to do at similar McCain events in the past.

The press only caught a brief glimpse of the vice presidential nominee. Palin was seated in a large chair a few feet from Karzai, with a table in between them. Seated slightly behind Palin were campaign foreign policy advisers Steve Biegun and Randy Scheunemann, who are accompanying the governor in her motorcade today.

After 29 seconds observing the meeting, CNN and other photographers covering the meeting were escorted out of the room.

Later, McCain-Palin press representatives chalked up the restrictions to a “mix-up, a miscommunication among staff.” The full pool — a print and wires reporter, along with a television producer — was then allowed in to observe Palin’s meeting with Colombian President Alvaro Uribe for 15-20 seconds.

As a contrast, Sen. Barack Obama engaged in over 20 debates while he ran for president over the past 18 months and Sen. Joe Biden has had over 80 meetings with the press since he was announced as Obama's vice president nominee. Sarah Palin has given exactly TWO interviews with the press since she was announced!

Read the entire article about the lack of press access to Sarah Palin's first meetings with foreign leaders here.

Read the entire article about Sarah Palin's meetings with foreign leaders here.

plez sez: ...the farce continues. how dumb can you republicans be? how much McCain Kool-Aid can you people drink?

this woman is so sad, so uninformed, so un-wordly, so "out of it", such a friggin' hick, that the mccain camp can't trust her around the press for a minute. a friggin' minute! HELL, plezWorld could engage ANYONE for 10 to 15 minutes with a little briefing.

some honesty for you... if Barack Obama had pullled some Sarah Palin *ISH* like this, i swear, there is no way that i would able to vote for him. and if Obama even acted like he wanted to "throw caution to the wind" and pick someone in spite of his/her ineptitude, he wouldn't even be in the race!

the president is the leader of the free world, dammit! if john mccain wins, this inept woman would be in line to succeed the OLDEST man to ever assume the mantle of president. john mccain's decision to pick this woman is affront to ALL americans, because in the unlikely event that he wins, he will be the president of all americans. we deserve much better.

on the other hand, this is disrespectful of sarah palin to parade her around like this, when every man, woman, and child who takes a hard look at this woman will see that she AIN'T ready to be john mccain's backup.

if this "little game" by the mccain camp around these meetings with foreign leaders doesn't scare you about mccain's decision making ability, then i don't know what will!

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Jusus said...

McCain is 76 years old,would you trust him to drive your children to the Mall on a busy saturday afternoon......, Then what make you want to trust him to drive a country.