Thursday, September 25, 2008

McCain Campaign Suspension Talking Points

McCain's Colorado campaign director Tom Kise inadvertently sent out the campaign's internal talking points regarding the suspension of the campaign to the media.

What follows is the entire memo - TALKING POINTS: SUSPENDING THE CAMPAIGN:

Tom Kise
Regional Communications Director - South Central Region
John McCain '08
Cell: (303) 885-8915
Direct Dial: (303) 952-4696
Press Office: (703) 650-5550

Please do not proactively reach out to the media on this.

Topline Messaging:
  • To address our nation's financial crisis, John McCain will suspend his campaign and return to Washington. He has spoken to Senator Obama and informed him of his decision and has asked Senator Obama to join him. The campaign is suspending its advertising and fundraising.

  • John McCain is calling on the President to convene a meeting with the leadership from both houses of Congress, including himself and Senator Obama.

  • John McCain is directing his campaign to work with the Obama campaign and the commission on presidential debates to delay Friday night's debate until action has been taken to address this crisis.

  • It is time for both parties to come together to solve this problem. This is a time to put our country first. We must meet as Americans, not as Democrats or Republicans, and we must meet until this crisis is resolved.

  • It has become clear that no consensus has developed to support the Administration's proposal. He does not believe that the plan on the table will pass as it currently stands, and we are running out of time.

  • Last Friday, John McCain laid out his proposal and has discussed his priorities and concerns with the bill the Administration has put forward.

  • America faces an historic crisis in our financial system, and we must pass legislation to address this crisis. If we do not, credit will dry up, with devastating consequences for our economy.

  • John McCain is confident that before the markets open on Monday we can achieve consensus on legislation that will stabilize our financial markets, protect taxpayers and homeowners, and earn the confidence of the American people.

[Hat Tip: Daily Kos]

Read the article about the chronology of how McCain suspended his campaign here.

plez sez: Ooops!

always spell check and review the address line before clicking the Send button.

re: first talking point. it was Barack Obama who approached john mccain about issuing a joint statement addressing the nation's financial crisis!

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