Wednesday, September 10, 2008

In Rotation - Humpday Jam (Part XII)

Most people familiar with plezWorld know about my passion for good music. So in a brief departure from the gut-wrenching political season and stress of kick starting a business, it is time to mellow out with some good music.

One of the more enduring playlists on my iPod is "Soulful Groups." With groups from the 1960's and as recent as the new millenium, I'm going with a more old school look for this edition of In Rotation ... enjoy!:
  1. "One of a Kind" by The Spinners from The Anthology LP (3:36)
    Old school, smooth, and soulful... no one could create a mood like the late Phillipe Wynne!

  2. "Dukey Stick (12" Special Disco Version)" by George Duke from The Essential George Duke LP (8:05)
    George Duke bites hard on the Funkadelic sound!

  3. "Silly Ho" by TLC from Fanmail LP (4:15)
    The post-modern definition of a "girl group"... channeling the grace and cool of The Supremes.

  4. "Nathan Jones" by The Supremes from Greatest Hits LP (3:02)
    The original "girl group" from the early 60's...

  5. "Groove Me" by Guy from Guy LP (4:34)
    Original New Jack Swing... where Teddy Riley cut his teeth on his sound... got that high top fade!

  6. "Strawberry Letter 23" by The Brothers Johnson from The Very Best of... LP (4:59)
    Fell in love with this song the first time I heard it... as I understand it, his girlfriend sends him letters written on strawberry scented stationary. The song describes the feelings evoked by "Strawberry Letter 22," the title indicating the hopes of another letter.

    Hello, my love
    I heard a kiss from you
    Red magic satin playing near, too

    All through the morning rain
    I gaze - the sun doesn't shine -
    Rainbows and waterfalls run through my mind

    In the garden - I see west
    Purple shower, bells and tea
    Orange birds and river cousins dressed in green

    Pretty music I hear - so happy
    And loud - blue flower echo
    From a cherry cloud

    Feel sunshine sparkle pink and blue
    Playgrounds will laugh
    if you try to ask
    Is it cool?, is it cool?

    If you arrive and don't see me
    I'm going to be with my baby
    I am free - flying in her arms, over the sea

    Stained window, yellow candy screen
    See speakers of kite - with velvet roses diggin' freedom flight

    A present from you - Strawberry letter 22
    The music plays, I sit in for a few


    A present from you - Strawberry letter 22
    The music plays, I sit in for a few


  7. "The Rubberband Man" by The Spinners from The Anthology LP (3:37)
    Much more than a jingle for an office products store! *smile*

  8. "(Keep Feeling) Fascination" by Human League from The Very Best of... LP (3:45)
    This could almost be seen as the sound of the '80's: Remnants of Disco. A sprinkling of Punk Rock. Part R&B. And a little Euro funk!

  9. "Shake Your Body (Down to the Ground)" by The Jacksons from Jacksons Live! LP (8:31)
    Vintage Jacksons... performing one of their baddest grooves live!

  10. "Once You Get Started" by Rufus Featuring Chaka Khan from The Very Best of... LP (4:31)
    DAMN that girl can blow! Love that 70's groove and full sounding instrumentation.

  11. "Southern Girl" by Maze feat. Frankie Beverly from The Greatest Hits of Maze... LP (6:54)
    Southern Fried Soul... hot, delicious, greasy!

  12. "Bop Gun (Endangered Species)" by Parliament from Tear the Roof Off 1974-1980 LP (8:32)
    The eternal battle with Sir Nose D'Void of Funk continues...

  13. "For the Love of Money" by The O'Jays from Collector's Item LP (7:18)
    More than a jingle for opening of a hit reality-based tv show starring Donald Trump!

  14. "5 Steps" by Dru Hill from Dru Hill LP (5:54)
    Standouts in the crowded boy group of the late 90's with their TIGHT harmonies... this moving ballad is about a friend who gives his life to save others (check out the video here).

    ~ ~ ~ BONUS CUTS ~ ~ ~

  15. "The Walk" by The Time from What Time Is It? LP (9:32)
    Standouts in the crowded funk bands of the mid-80's with their TIGHT grooves... they should've stayed together.

    "We're gonna walk 'til the song's over,
    In other words, meet me at the bar in 32 measures, cool?"

  16. "Fire" by The Ohio Players from Gold LP (4:27)
    The horns really bring this home... funky!

  17. "Outstanding" by The Gap Band from The 12" Collection And More LP (6:15)
    Quite possibly the smoothest dance hit ever... a ballad that plays for the dance floor: dance to it without breaking a sweat!


David Sullivan said...

Micheal Holley, Boston Globe sports writer and WEEI sports radio host plays "outstanding" anytime a caller agrees with him on air. You can tell we are about the same age by your playlist, DOB's

Keith said...

Aww Man Frat, I remember and own all of this good stuff..Great Post.
You got me going through all of my
"Old School" CD's now.

Torrance Stephens - All-Mi-T said...

love affair is chk this

Bill summers and the summers heat - u can call it what u want to

Mass production - Fire cracker

Raydio - hot stuff

plez... said...

"outstanding" always reminds me of my sister who is only a few years younger than me. whenever the song came on, she would be up and dancing... "that's my jam!"

i can see you at the Nupe Party, collar turned up, Nupe Juice in one hand and throwing up the YO! with the other! *smile*

we were obviously at some of the same parties here in the ATL! you've done gone and started something... "Fire Cracker" and "You Can Call It What You Want To... whatever feels right!"

How about Funkin' for Jamaica (New York)?!? Something tells me it's gonna be a Funky Friday in plezWorld! *smile*