Thursday, September 25, 2008

plezWorld Voted Today

plezWorld voted for Barack Obama at 08:29 am

Voting Booth Picture Courtesy of Palm Treo 680

This morning, after dropping the SugarPlum off at school, plezWorld took advantage of advance voting in Georgia. I have cast my vote for the November 4th presidential election.

The Elections Office in DeKalb County was nearly full. There were 25 voting machines set up and all of them were in use, but the wait was only a few minutes. I can see the lines getting a little longer as the day goes on.

If you live in the State of Georgia, you can vote early from today through October 31st. To my way of thinking, more than a Right, it is your Responsibility as a citizen to vote!

Click here to find the nearest early voting location in your county.


Ramblin' Rebel With a Clause said...

I will vote!
I am writing myself in. Wife running mate. It is a mating ritual.

Check my blog for a very brief economic stimulus cure I would work to promote if I were elected.

rikyrah said...